15 July 2014, 20:02

Ukrainian AF aircraft hits urban areas in Donetsk region with 11 dead, 8 injured

Ukrainian AF aircraft hits urban areas in Donetsk region with 11 dead, 8 injured

The Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) self-defense forces have reported that Ukrainian troops resumed airstrikes on the town of Snezhnoe, there are 11 dead and 8 injured, according to Interfax. "New airstrikes are being delivered on Snezhnoe. Preliminary reports say two Su-25 attack aircraft are delivering pinpoint strikes against the town," Konstantin Knyrik, head of the South-Eastern Front information center, told reporters.

Earlier in the day a Ukrainian aircraft fired five rockets within the urban boundaries of the town of Snezhnoe, says Interfax citing a source in the Donetsk-based militia headquarters.

"They hit the tax administration building and one of the entrances to a nearby residential house," militia reported.

"Eleven people were killed, according to information available by 5 pm. Eight were injured, among them a child. The child has been transported to the Donetsk regional hospital," the Donetsk regional administration said on its website.

DPR self-defense forces also report on Twitter that Ukrainian warplanes are dropping bombs on the town of Shakhtarsk, according to Interfax. The town has a population of 60,000, and is 57 kilometers from Donetsk.

"Ukrainian aircarft have dealt an air strike on Shakhtarsk and its suburbs. Reports of casualties and destruction are being verified," it said.

No information from Ukrainian sources is available to Interfax.

Ukrainian troops have continued to exchange artillery strikes with Donetsk self-defense forces around the town since Monday evening, the headquarters said.

"On Monday night our group carried out a strike with a T-64 tank against the enemy's position near the village of Dmytrovka. Two enemy armored vehicles have been destroyed," the source said.

Early on Tuesday morning, Ukrainian government forces carried out a massive artillery attack on Dmytrovka.

"They were firing Grad multiple rocket launchers. The attack caused fires and ruins in the village," DPR representatives stated.

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