14 July 2014, 20:23

Russian TV reporter denied entry to Ukraine, invited for interrogation instead

Russian TV reporter denied entry to Ukraine, invited for interrogation instead

A journalist from Russia's state TV channel, Rossiya 1, Yevgeny Rozhkov, was denied entry to Ukraine after which the correspondent asked Kiev to provide official explanations, the broadcaster's website said on Monday. "The Ukrainian leadership is again raising obstacles for Russian reporters. They have denied entry to Rossiya 1 correspondent Yevgeny Rozhkov today," Rossiya 1 said in a statement posted on its official website.

According to Rozhkov, the only information he managed to get from border guards was that he is "denied entry to Ukraine."

At first, an officer promised that a superior would provide explanations but, "the higher-up never came," reporters cite the TV channel as saying, stressing that Rozhkov "had all the required documents, including a return ticket."

When Rozhkov stated that he was a correspondent for the Rossiya 1 TV channel, he was invited to undergo an interrogation.

"He produced the documents and they aroused no interest before they heard the name of the television channel. Yevgeny Rozhkov was then invited for questioning,” the channel stated.

However, after a detailed identity check he was informed that he was denied entry. 

"His documents were re-checked more attentively and the officers left, but then returned and told Rozhkov 'You are denied entry.' It looks as though the decision was made by the border guard's bosses," Rossiya 1 said.

"Yevgeny Rozhkov is returning to Russia and intends to secure from the Ukrainian side an official document citing a concrete reason for his entry ban,” Rossiya 1 said.

The journalist is also waiting for his passport to be returned by the Ukrainian authorities, who promised to do so when his plane landed on Russian territory, media reports.

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