13 July 2014, 12:49

Pentagon tests self-guided bullets

Pentagon tests self-guided bullets

The Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DAPRA) has announced its first successful live-fire tests of self-guided bullets.

A video posted by DAPRA earlier this week shows .50-caliber EXACTO (Extreme Accuracy Task Ordinance) bullets maneuvering to hit moving targets.

Work on the EXACTO high-accuracy smart sniper system began in 2008. First tested in 2012, EXACTO will enable a sniper to hit any moving targets in any weather, even during a desert storm, without disclosing his location.

The EXACTO sniper rifle uses advanced sighting and bullet navigation technologies. The system corrects a bullet's trajectory in mid-flight to compensate for wind or other unexpected factors that might drive it off course.

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