1 July 2014, 13:34

Kiev's cancel of truce undermines diplomatic efforts of Russia, Germany, France - Moscow

Kiev's cancel of truce undermines diplomatic efforts of Russia, Germany, France - Moscow

Kiev's cancelling truce and sudden activation of battle actions have undermined an important diplomatic move developed upon the joint order of leaders of Russian, German, French leaders but the efforts to return the situation to negotiating table should be continued, the Russian Foreign Ministry said. Kiev said it was "ready to go for this only after unconditional bilateral ceasefire is set."

Kiev refused at the last moment to release the declaration of the Russian, German, French and Ukrainian foreign ministers supporting Moscow’s proposals on joint control, the Russian Foreign Ministry stated following the telephone conversation held by the four foreign ministers on June 30.

"This step of Kiev is very regrettable, not to mention that the four-party declaration urged namely to affect the parties in the interest of reaching the relevant agreement in the contact group as quickly as possible. Besides, Ukraine demanded categorically that the contact group be called in Russia, not in Donetsk, where previous meetings took place," the Russian Foreign Ministry noted.

"Taking into account the information received on the participants on other different-format contacts Ukraine had on June 30, it appears that the Kiev's change of position, including declaring overnight into July 1, 2014 that the truce regime will not be extended, occurred not without outside pressure despite the stance of leading EU members," the document said.

Moscow is urging yet again to stop using Ukraine as a loose coin in geopolitical games and to refuse imposing the criminal line for forceful suppression of protests.

"Everyone should follow firstly the task of ending the bloodshed immediately, ensuring stable ceasefire and starting specific and open talks on future of the Ukrainian state taking into account interests of all its citizens and regions," the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

Russian Foreign Ministry is convinced that the efforts to return the situation into negotiation track should be continued, including urgent meeting of the contact group adding that Russia will assist this in every way.

"If common sense prevails and truce resumes," Moscow together with partners is ready to start implementing agreements stipulated in the declaration, which was accorded but did not come into effect due to Kiev's stance, Interfax reports.

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