27 June 2014, 18:37

400 Ukrainian soldiers surrender to Ukrainian militia

400 Ukrainian soldiers surrender to Ukrainian militia

Four hundred Ukrainian soldiers went over to the Donetsk People's Republic (DNR), Sergey Kavtaradze, special representative of the DNR's PM, said.

"Yesterday, a military formation that amounted to 400 soldiers surrendered to 15 soldiers of the militia. The skirmish lasted for seven hours. No militia's soldiers were killed," Sergey Kavtaradze said.

The first stage of negotiations, concerning the armistice between southeastern Ukraine and Kiev was held on June 23. Aleksandr Boroday, Leonid Kuchma, former People's Deputy of Ukraine Oleg Tsaryov and current Russia's ambassador to Ukraine Mikhail Zurabov took part in the negotiations. Nestor Shufrich from the Party of Regions and Viktor Medvedchuk, leader of Ukrainian Choice organization, acted as mediators. The both sides agreed upon a ceasefire till June 24.


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