25 June 2014, 10:38

FIFA may disqualify Suarez for biting Italian defender Chiellini

FIFA may disqualify Suarez for biting Italian defender Chiellini

FIFA said Wednesday it had opened disciplinary proceedings against Uruguay striker Luis Suarez for allegedly biting Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini during a World Cup match. But this is not first biting incident. Earlier in 2013 and in 2010 Suarez already tasted shoulders of Branislav Ivanovic and Otman Bakkal.

Uruguay star Luis Suarez faces expulsion from the World Cup for biting another player as FIFA confirmed it had opened disciplinary proceedings against him on Wednesday.

"FIFA can confirm that disciplinary proceedings have been opened against the player Luis Suarez of Uruguay," the world soccer body said in a statement.

FIFA said Suarez and the Uruguayan soccer association had until 05:00 pm Brasilia time (08:00 pm GMT) on Wednesday to "provide their position and any documentary evidence they deem relevant".

Uruguay striker Luis Suarez played down Tuesday an incident in which he allegedly bit Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini.

"Millions of things happen on the pitch," Suarez told Uruguayan media in Natal, after his team's 1-0 win over Italy.

"We are all football players, we know what happens on the pitch, we don't have to take anything seriously," he said.

Suarez argued that it was a "normal" instance of play, and pointed to his own eye, which appeared bruised after possibly taking a blow in the same incident with Chiellini.

"Things happen on the pitch, we don't have to take them seriously," he said.

"(Chiellini) says he has a bite here, at the back, but I bumped onto his shoulder here, at the front," Suarez explained, pointing at his own shoulder. "I don't think there's anything to it. These are things that happen on the pitch, you can see my eye."

Victim Chiellini declared: "Suarez is a sneak and he gets away with it because FIFA want their stars to play in the World Cup. I'd love to see if they have the courage to use video evidence against him. The referee saw the bite mark, too, but he did nothing about it."

Suarez, who has been suspended twice before for biting incidents, appeared calm about an investigation of the incident by FIFA, after Chiellini showed the referee his shoulder with the alleged marks of Suarez's teeth.

"I have just heard (about the investigation). If we are going to investigate anything... These are incidents of play and they should stay on the pitch," Suarez said.

But this is not first biting incident. Earlier in 2013 sank his teeth into Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic.

That time striker Suarez explaining his behavior said he was out of his mind when he carried out the savage attack - and has no explanation for his actions.

In 2010 Suarez showed his appetite for the game by biting PSV's Otman Bakkal on the shoulder while playing for Ajax during the match on November, 20.

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