24 June 2014, 14:31

US State Department promises financial, humanitarian assistance to Ukraine's National Guard

US State Department promises financial, humanitarian assistance to Ukraine's National Guard

Deputy Secretary of State, Gregory Kausner, has visited a training center of the National Guard of Ukraine, the official website of the Ministry of Interior of the country reports. It is emphasized that Kausner is responsible for the issues of military assistance.

"While in Ukraine only for a few days, the official expressed desire to meet with the command of the National Guard at a training center. The goal of the visit of the delegation is, first of all, to get acquainted with the characteristics of training of personnel of the NGU and to discuss possible areas of cooperation," the report says.

The delegation also includes a software analyst of the US Department of State, Reni Silva, and representatives of the United States Embassy in Ukraine. They were accompanied by Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Nikolay Velickovic, and Deputy Commander of the National Guard, Major-General Nikolay Balan.

"In conclusion of the visit, Gregory Kausner marked the hard work of organizing the process of training reservists that has been carried out. He also noted that on his return to the United States, he will address the Secretary of State and initiate consideration of possibilities of providing material assistance to the National Guard of Ukraine including in the form of consultations on preparation of reservists," the Ministry stated. At the same time it stressed that the issues of rendering assistance to the National Guard of Ukraine are under discussion "at the highest levels of the US leadership".

The national guard of Ukraine is a structure created after the February coup d'etat. Its fighters are involved in punitive operation aimed at suppressing supporters of independence of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, which is under way in the South-East of the country since mid-April.

NATO creating trust fund to support Ukraine's defense sector - agency

NATO is building up a trust fund to support the Ukrainian defense sector financially, the source in NATO headquarters said, TASS reports.

"New NATO measures for supporting the Ukrainian defense sector include the creation of a trust fund," the source told journalists. The Foreign Ministers of 28 NATO member-countries will discuss the issue during a coming meeting on June 24 and 25 in Brussels. It's too early to specify the terms under which the fund will be created or the financial issues, the source said.

NATO has no plans, for now, to offer military assistance.

"We are not considering the possibility of providing Ukraine with direct military help," the source said.

The source added that each NATO member-country should decide for itself whether or not to provide Ukraine with military equipment and defense technology.

NATO also intends to help its members to increase their defense potential. "One initiative stipulates possible help to increase the defense potential of NATO member-countries or other countries that require such help," the source said.

Ukraine starts mass production of armored personnel carriers for National Guard

Ukraine will start mass production of Dozor armored personnel carriers for the National Guard, Verkhovna Rada-appointed acting President of Ukraine Turchynov said on Wednesday.

Turchynov reviewed on Wednesday heavy armored and special vehicles at the Chuguyev firing range in the eastern Kharkov region, which will be used by the Ukrainian army, including during Kiev’s punitive operation in the country’s east, the acting president’s press office reported.

The armor was also inspected by Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov and commanders of the battalions involved in Kiev’s so-called "anti-terrorist operation" in the country’s east.

"The small armored personnel carrier Dozor is three times cheaper than the BTR-4E APC and has proved its efficiency in field conditions. Today this vehicle is awaited in the National Guard," the press office quoted Turchynov as saying.

Military experts say it will take several months to put the Dozor APC into serial production. Poland earlier purchased a license from Ukraine to make these combat vehicles operational in the Polish army.

Turchynov, Avakov and battalion commanders are expected to visit the headquarters of Kiev’s military operation near the town of Slavyansk in the eastern Donetsk region on Wednesday, Interfax reports.

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