23 June 2014, 11:34

Jen Psaki doesn't take iPhone selfies – cartoons about US State Dep spokeswoman go viral online in Russia

Jen Psaki doesn't take iPhone selfies – cartoons about US State Dep spokeswoman go viral online in Russia

A Volgograd animator has made two cartoons about US State Department press secretary Jen Psaki who’s recently become an Internet celebrity of sorts.

In those cartoons, in which Psaki’s own phrases are mingled with those invented by the author, she complains about sexual discrimination in Russia and comments on the secession of the town of Kamyshin from the Saratov province.

"I choose my characters because they are topical. I am not seeking to make anyone laugh. I just add some colors. For example, Psaki likes showing off her intellect, so one needn’t invent anything but just use what she has already said," Vyacheslav, who works under the pseudonym of Snowman, told reporters. Earlier, he released a series of cartoons featuring Crimea's Chief Prosecutor Natalya Poklonskaya.

In one of the cartoons created by the Russian animator Snowman Jen Psaki castigates Russia over sexual discrimination.

Here is the transcript of the cartoon:

Psaki: Russia has once again revealed its barbaric nature. My accusation has to do with the ongoing sexual discrimination that we strongly despise.

Journalist: Can you be more specific?

Psaki: What I mean is that part of the female population aren’t regarded as women but are just called "T.P."

Journalist: What does "T.P." stand for?

PsakiCan't say for sure. I guess it's a kind of caste, like the untouchables. I will look it up in my office. All the same, taking pictures of oneself with an iPhone in a toilet is considered to be an awful crime.

Journalist: What kind of punishment does that crime carry?

Psaki:I believe that just calling them "T.P." is already a punishment. They aren’t allowed to prove the opposite.

Journalist: Aren’t you afraid that after your statements about gas supplies from Europe to Russia and about the Navy that would be moved to the Belarusian shores you may also find yourself being "T.P."-ed?

PsakiI doubt it. To acquire that status one’s got at least to be in Russia. Also, I don’t take iPhone selfies in a toilet. I’ve got my office for that.

Journalist: Has it ever occurred to you that it depends, first of all, on one's intellect?

PsakiWhat's wrong with my intellect?

Journalist: Oh , never mind…

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