11 June 2014, 04:11

New York authorities make amends with 'Occupy Wall Street' participants

New York authorities make amends with 'Occupy Wall Street' participants

NYC authorities agree to pay $583 thousand dollars to 14 participants of the "Occupy Wall Street" movement to settle allegations of illegall detainment. This was stated today by lawyers of "Stecklow Cohen & Thompson" - law firm, representing the interests of protesters.

Activists claimed that in March 2012 they were walking around New York City when the police approached them. Law enforcement officers ordered them to disperse, but the participants of "Occupy Wall Street" could not do so, as the police surrounded them and did not let them go. As a result, the protesters were arrested for disobeying the police.

New York authorities have denied that there had been unlawful arrests. For now they did not comment on today's  announcement by the lawyers. According to the lawyers, this compensation is the largest of those who were associated with proceedings regarding violations during the period of activity of the "occupation" movement that originated on Wall Street and has affected dozens of cities in the US and other countries. In total, during that time several thousand people were arrested. The movement has lost a significant portion of its influence and popularity after dissolution of the tent camps of protesters in major US cities.

Official representatives of the New York Police Department have earlier said that the city paid about 17 million US dollars to provide security during the "Occupy Wall Street" protests that took place in 2012.

Occupy movement calls for worldwide action against wars, inequality and hypocrisy of US gov't

The Occupy movement is calling for a worldwide "wave of action" which started in New York, April, 4. As spring arrives a new series of anti-capitalism rallies is being prepared in the US. The protesters are demanding "peace, nuclear disarmament, and investment of nuclear dollars in defense against real threats, like climate change, disease, and guns."

Occupiers get the instructions through the movement's official Twitter. Their march started from Zucotti Plaza in New York City on April,4. Zuccotti has always been the stronghold of Occupy Wall Street movement in the last two years.

"Electing a different president six years ago was not a partial step, a failed attempt, a warm-up round. It was a halftime show of circus clowns and cheerleaders. People now know that we can't lift up the poor without pulling down the plutocrats. It's understood that we can have democracy or billionaires, not both. The notion of shifting priorities is even making headway; behind the screaming of "no cuts!" and "less spending!" there's a steady, rising voice — ebbing and flowing like the ocean — insisting that we can move the money from the military and the oil corporations and the bankers to green energy and schools and trains and parks and actual aid to everyone on earth, with plenty of tax cuts to spare," reads the statement of David Swanson, an activist and an early Occupy organizer.

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