6 June 2014, 15:17

Hollande dines in Elysee Palace with Putin and in private with Obama - media

Hollande dines in Elysee Palace with Putin and in private with Obama - media

To avoid coming face to face with Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama had to have dinner in private, the German ARD TV channel reports. The French president set the table for Putin in the Elysee Palace, while his dinner with Obama took place in an ordinary Paris restaurant.

To all appearances, Hollande must have realized that the Ukrainian crisis cannot be resolved without Putin, journalists believe.

"It looks like Russian President Putin is in the team again. It is the team that he was expelled from during the G7 conference. He is in Paris today, being received by President Hollande rather pompously," the InoTV quotes the German TV channel.

Unlike Hollande, US President Barack Obama did not want to see Putin on the first night in Paris. He had to pay a price for that, though, and eat his dinner in a mundane Paris restaurant, while Putin was entertained in Hollande’s residence in the Elysee Palace, the ARD reports.

As was reported earlier, during his dinner with Vladimir Putin in the Elysee Palace Francois Hollande introduced the Norman cuisine to his guest. A lot of seafood was served, with traditional Norman and Breton gourmet items. The main course was the turbot fish, ITAR-TASS quoted a source in President Hollande’s entourage.

The day before, the Russian president made no comment on the fact that the G7 leaders met in Brussels neglecting to invite Russia to take part in the discussion. Answering the question what he thought about the heads of European states who are having dinner in Brussels leaving the Russian leader behind, Putin merely said: "I hope they enjoy their meal".

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