5 June 2014, 17:14

Russia's figure skater Sotnikova's case finally closed

Russia's figure skater Sotnikova's case finally closed

The International Skating Union's (ISU) disciplinary committee has declined a protest of the South Korean Skating Union (KSU) and the South Korean Olympic Committee (KOC) against the results of the ladies' singles Olympic competition at Sochi-2014 in which Russian Adelina Sotnikova won the first place and a gold medal for the first time for Russia in this programme. The winner of Vancouver-2010 South Korean Yuna Kim got the second result this time.

As the competition results cannot be reconsidered, South Korea decided to claim breach of the code of ethics during the ladies' singles competition. However, the ISU did not satisfy any item of the protest, either against judge Alla Shekhovtsova who is the wife of director general of the Russian figure skating federation (FFKKR) Valentin Piseyev, or FFKKR president Alexander Gorshkov as interested parties.

Gorshkov has already pointed out in an interview for some news agency that everyone is happy that "Sotnikova's case" is finally closed, even though the Federation never had any doubts about the outcome of this investigation.

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