3 June 2014, 11:20

Abkhazia's accession to Eurasian/Customs Union to be considered - interim president

Abkhazia's accession to Eurasian/Customs Union to be considered  - interim president

There is no need to sign a new integration treaty between Abkhazia and Russia, as the previous document covers practically the entire range of bilateral relations, Abkhaz interim President Valery Bganba said. "I do not think any new treaties are necessary. Yet the reality is changing and now there is a question of Abkhazia's accession to the Eurasian Union and the Customs Union; such issues are not included in the main treaty," Bganba said in an interview published by the newspaper Kommersant on Tuesday.

He reminded the newspaper that Russia and Abkhazia signed a treaty of amity and cooperation in 2009 to lay down a foundation for their relationship.

"It covers practically the entire ground. Various interstate, intergovernmental and interdepartmental treaties are concluded in development of this agreement. A boost to their implementation is on the agenda," the interim president said.

He also noted that Russian citizens were unable to receive an Abkhaz passport and vote.

"A framework agreement concerning the possibility of Abkhazia's naturalization of Russian citizens has yet to be adopted. It was drawn up a year ago but was put on hold for some reason. Probably, the Foreign Ministry can tell us about processes evolving in that area," Bganba said.

The interim president noted that Russian representatives had done everything to start a dialogue between the conflicting parties in Abkhazia.

"But they emphasized that it was an internal affair of Abkhazia and we had to sort out things by ourselves," he added.

Bganba said there would be no persecution of resigned President Alexander Ankvab and his associates.

"There will be no harassment, he is not an enemy of the people and he has done a lot. I think those who will go to school or kindergarten this year will be grateful to him for the new classrooms, the new recreation rooms for children," the interim president said.

He also noted that Ankvab was a citizen of Abkhazia and had the right to run for president.

In the words of Bganba, all government members but those who wish to resign can keep their jobs. "Only there will be a new prime minister," he said, Interfax reports.

Abkhazia's interim PM sets task to quietly prepare for early presidential elections

Abkhazia's acting Prime Minister Vladimir Delba said that the government's first-priority tasks are those of consolidating society, implementing a budget and preparing quietly for the early presidential elections. "In my opinion, in the current complicated setting, the prime minister must continue fulfilling all the plans started and take all measures, mapped out during our work," Delba told reporters on Monday.

"The government's first-priority task will be that of performing its duties, implementing the budget properly, strengthening the country's financial situation and preparing quietly for the early elections," he said. He said that despite the current complicated situation, the schedule of wage payouts to employees of state-run organizations, as well as pensions, will be observed.

He denied claims that Abkhazia's treasury is empty. "Luckily, the treasury is not empty. A large amount of cash has been provided to pay out wages," said Delba, who is also Abkhazia's finance minister.

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