31 May 2014, 19:06

Abkhazia parliament appoints chairman as interim president, sets early presidential poll

Abkhazia parliament appoints chairman as interim president, sets early presidential poll

The Parliament of Abkhazia has appointed speaker of the National Assembly Valery Bganba acting President of the Republic. According to an Interfax correspondent, the Parliament has, by a majority vote, made the decision to hold an early presidential election on August 24, this year.

The resolution notes that the document was adopted "in connection with Alexander Ankvab's inability to exercise the powers and responsibilities of the President of the Republic of Abkhazia, and Mikhail Logua's stepping down from the office of the Vice-President of the Republic".

Besides, the resolution notes that the deputies adopt it "guided by the decree of the National Assembly – Parliament of the Republic of Abkhazia of May 29, 2014, on announcing a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister of Abkhazia and, in order to preserve national unity and stability in the state and to take measures to overcome the severe domestic political crisis".

The document says that, in accordance with the Constitution, "until a new President of the Republic of Abkhazia is elected, the powers of the President should be conferred on the speaker of the National Assembly – Parliament of the Republic, Valery Bganba".

Also in accordance with the findamental laws of the Republic, the Parliament decided "to schedule an early presidential election for August 24, 2014," and to order the CEC of the Republic to make the necessary arrangements.

Abkhazia's president rejects parliament for urging him to resign

Abkhazia's president on Saturday slammed parliament for a vote of no confidence in the Cabinet and for urging him to step down. "I categorically disagree with this. Decisions of this kind cannot be made in situations like this - under pressure and in the form of ultimatums," the president's office quoted Alexander Ankvab as saying.

"Any proposal may be subject for negotiations. I have heard these demands, but they are not the demands of an overwhelming majority of my fellow citizens."

"Decisions on what is going to happen to the country, and to its president for that matter, cannot be made at rallies of 2,000, 3,000 or 4,000 people. They are under the authority of the entire people," Ankvab said, Interfax reports.

Abkhaz President says 'military solution' must be prevented in republic's crisis - official

Abkhaz President Alexander Ankvab has demanded that all services must work to prevent the use of military methods to resolve the republic's crisis, secretary of Abkhazia's Security Council Nugzar Ashuba told reporters on Friday. Ashuba is taking part in negotiations with the Abkhaz opposition on behalf of the republic's authorities.

The authorities and the opposition have not yet held any talks today, he said. Several meetings addressing the current situation in the republic took place between them on Thursday, he added.

"Things are going slow in the negotiating process at the moment since new conditions and circumstances emerged. Taking all this into consideration, we will determine a format for our next meeting," Ashuba said.

When commenting on a parliamentary vote of no-confidence in Abkhazia's prime minister and a call for President Ankvab to step down, Ashuba said that "it is the deputies' business - they have put forth their proposals within the framework of the constitution and asked the president to adopt an appropriate decision."

"Another thing is whether the president is going to accept it or not. The president has already said that he will not accept it," Ashuba said.

"The president has demanded that all structures must totally exclude a military solution of the problem," he said. Deputy secretary of Russia's Security Council Rashid Nurgaliyev is still in Abkhazia, and he met with local opposition members last night, Ashuba said.

Abkhaz president's unwillingness to resign may provoke clashes - opposition

Abkhaz President Alexander Ankvab who does not wish to resign will bear responsibility for possible clashes in Abkhazia, the Provisional People's Council of the republic said on Friday.

"Alexander Ankvab has long lost touch with the people of Abkhazia and the reality, which demonstrates the impossibility of his stay in office. The people of Abkhazia have made clear their opinion about this failed leader who trampled upon every legal norm and Abkhaz political tradition," says the document posted in Sukhumi.

"He now has a chance to take the only step useful for the people in his entire career - to step down. But he keeps holding to his illusory power, which proves his irresponsibility and total disregard for the future of his country. It seems that before leaving he wants to avenge his people by provoking clashes," the statement says.

"The entire responsibility for this gamble will wholly and entirely rest upon A. Ankvab and his entourage who are contemplating such ideas," the Provisional People's Council said.

"The Provisional People's Council authorized by the people's assembly declares that the period of political persecution and public split is irreversibly gone, same as the rule of A. Ankvab. It is time to unite and start the pressing political and socioeconomic reforms aimed to revive our homeland," the statement underscored.

The Abkhaz parliament passed a vote of no confidence in Prime Minister Leonid Lakerbaia and urged President Alexander Ankvab to step down on Thursday night.

Yet the Abkhaz president said he was not going to resign and would not dismiss the prime minister either.

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