16 May 2014, 14:37

Right Sector attempts to seize largest NPP in Ukraine

Right Sector attempts to seize largest NPP in Ukraine

Policemen of the city of Energodar have detained 20 activists of the Right Sector, who tried to seize the Zaporozhye NPP. According to the leader of the Zaporozhye branch of the organization, the militants were afraid that the city would fall in the hands of supporters of federalization.

The day before, the police detained another group of radicals that two weeks ago, had captured a recreation center in the Kiev region. Unregistered machine guns, a pistol and bullets, and symbols of the Right Sector were seized from them.

Members of the nationalist organizations have more than once took part in seizures of administrative buildings, stealing of weapons from the arsenals of the Ministry of Interior and in clashes with police.

On the eve of May 9, radicals tried to seize the building of the city administration in Mariupol. More than 40 radicals, dressed in black, used firearms: they opened fire on the people who were guarding the building of the City Executive Committee.

Official Moscow has repeatedly urged Kiev to disarm the militants in order to stop the bloodshed in Ukraine.

Right Sector should be deemed terrorists – European Parliament deputy

European Parliament deputy from Latvia Tatyana Zhdanok (Tatjana Ždanoka) has requested fellow MPs to support her demand that the European Commission (EC) includes the radical movement Right Sector in the list of terrorist organizations, Zhdanok's press office told TASS on Wednesday.

If the request is satisfied, bank accounts of this organization and all its members will be frozen, the radicals will not be able to enter EU countries, while governments of different countries will cooperate for political isolation and detention of the militants. However, Zhdanok believes "it is the Ukrainian interim government that is to bear the main responsibility for defeating the Right Sector, as it will have to finally draw a clear line between political organizations and far-right extremists".

"This line is now vague, and a number of state posts are occupied by radicals of fascist views, their reputation besmirched with participation in violent actions against their opponents or law enforcement authorities," Zhdanok added.

"After the appalling tragedy in Odessa, where Right Sector militants burnt 43 supporters of Ukraine’s federalization alive, the need to prohibit the Right Sector became evident. And an ordinary ban on its activities is inadequate here - there is a need to defeat this extremist organization, disarming its militants, arresting activists and court trial," the deputy said.

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