1 May 2014, 14:11

Kiev forces plan to storm federalist buildings in Southeastern Ukraine on May 2

Kiev forces plan to storm federalist buildings in Southeastern Ukraine on May 2

Ukrainian special forces plan to start storming the buildings and roadblocks controlled by self-defense forces in the southeast of the country on May 2, a source in Ukraine's General Staff of the Armed Forces said Thursday.

The special operation in the region, formerly led by acting Interior Minister Arseny Avakov, will be now headed by acting Security Service chief Valentin Nalivaychenko, the source said.

"The [acting] interior minister has been suspended from controlling the operation by a decision of [interim president Alexander] Turchynov," the source told RIA Novosti, adding that the decision has been made amid the failure of the first stage of the operation.

The source said Nalivaychenko has organized the training of Right Sector special battalions by the security service instructors after talks with the leader of the far-right group, Dmitro Yarosh, who is charged in Russia with inciting terrorism.

The storming will take place particularly in the eastern Ukraine's Lugansk region, the source said adding that the security chief has been tasked with regaining control of the region by May 3 at any cost.

"For this aim, the SBU chief has now received all the necessary powers," the source said, adding that Turchynov is discussing the possibility of the military operation with Yarosh.

Ukrainian authorities launched a special operation earlier this month to crack down on the protests, involving military forces.

Moscow denounced the decision as dangerous.

Ukrainian border guards beat up two Russians and a Belarusian on Russian border

Ukrainian border guards have beaten up two Russians and a Belarusian on the border with Russia in the Rostov region, spokesperson for the region's FSB (Federal Security Service) border guard department Vasily Malayev told the Russian news agency.

According to him, the incident took place at the Ukrainian border checkpoint Dolzhansky (called Novoshakhtinsk on the Russian side).

A Russian citizen was going to Lugansk to visit his girlfriend. A friend accompanied him. At the railway station, they met a citizen of Belarus who was returning home from Sochi. He planned to travel home using a short route - in transit through Ukraine. They hired a taxicab for three.

"These citizens said that after they crossed the Ukrainian border, a group of border guards suddenly appeared, struck them down to the ground in a puddle and started to beat them at gunpoint. They saw that the Belarusian citizen had climbing gear that they took to be subversive group equipment," Malayev said.

According to him, the injured persons said that the Ukrainian border guards used force against them during interrogation.

"These people were handed deportation acts with the motivation that they failed to confirm their place of stay. Russian border guards provided them all the needed assistance and helped to get to Rostov. The travelers had to change their routes. The entry into Ukraine has been banned to all of them for three years," the official added.

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