20 April 2014, 09:21

Western media are conscientiously Russophobic in covering events in Ukraine – Putin's spokesperson

Western media are conscientiously Russophobic in covering events in Ukraine – Putin's spokesperson

Western media are trying to show Russia in an unflattering light when covering the Ukraine crisis and its stance is conscientiously Russophobic.

"They have a task to show Russia in an unflattering light, and this task is editorial," Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov said in an interview with the "Right to Know" program on Russian TV channel on April 19.

"There are chronic inflammatory processes of consciousness that are deeply rooted in the "Cold War" era. These processes have not gone anywhere. They were simply overlapped by new perceptions like the atmosphere of a 'reset' and globalisation when people started travelling and meeting each other and when a thing like public diplomacy emerged," Peskov said, adding that phobias and Russophobia have always been present in media coverage of events related to Russia.

"Russophobia warmed up sometimes artfully and elegantly and sometimes by openly rude and unpardonable barrage of propaganda that would make the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) envious tends to aggravate in critical moments. This is what we now see in the United States and Europe," Peskov complained.

He said facts were being slanted and distorted even when foreign journalists sent balanced and objective reports from Russia. But their reports lose their balanced approach after their editorial offices edit them.

Peskov gave an example of a television story when Ukrainian radicals burst into the office of Ukraine’s First Channel, beat up its editor-in-chief and forced him to write a letter of resignation. "My good friend in New York woke me up in the middle of the night and said 'Have you got out of you mind? A respected TV channel here shows how Russian deputies came to Kiev and beat up the head of Ukraine’s First Channel.' This is an American channel, and the Americans believe it," Peskov said, saying he did not even know what to say to his friend.

"The only thing I said was 'I swear that they are not Russian deputies!' Peskov went on to say. "As a result, we see American audiences deprived of free information," he said, TASS reports.

Peskov expressed the hope that when all the dust settled down and Russia and the West returned to a mutually beneficial rather than cynical dialogue, then the role and responsibility of the media should be made a subject of international discussion on "how far the media can go in giving one-sided information when the future of countries like Ukraine is in question".

One more NATO step toward Russia to change European security structure - Putin's spokesman

NATO’s further enlargement and "one more step towards the Russian border" will cause "the entire European security architecture to be overhauled", presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on the TVC television channel’s "Pravo Znat" (The Right to Know) programme to be aired on Saturday evening, April 19, Itar-Tass reports.

He said that NATO’s further enlargement would pose a serious threat to Russia because "NATO cannot stop being a military organisation" and "Russia will have to take measures to ensure its own security".

Speaking about Ukraine’s possible admission to the alliance, Pskov said that "the military-political future of this country, we hope, will not envision such membership for the time being".

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