17 April 2014, 18:19

Belarus, Iran may combine efforts in dealing with western sanctions

Belarus, Iran may combine efforts in dealing with western sanctions

Belarus views Iran as a reliable partner and seeks to combine efforts to minimize negative consequences of sanctions being applied to both countries by the West, Interfax reports.

Belarusian Prime Minister Mikhail Myasnikovich and Iranian Parliamentary Chairman Ali Larijani discussed trade and economic cooperation between the two countries in Minsk on Wednesday. The Belarusian prime minister believes the potentials of the two countries enable them to step up mutual trade.

"We have not bad results of cooperation not only in the trade but also in the investment, science, technology, education and culture sectors. Belarus is sure that the states' potential enables them to step up the volume of trade, which somewhat declined last year for reasons not depending on us," the Belarusian government press service quoted Myasnikovich as saying. The situation has been affected chiefly by unilateral financial-economic sanctions on Iran, which have been toughening, Myasnikovich said. He described sanctions as an uncivilized way of resolving problems between countries, which is used by governments not having firm enough arguments to rationalize their positions.

"We could combine efforts to minimize negative consequences of sanctions," Myasnikovich said, adding that sanctions are being applied to both Iran and Belarus. "The desire is clear: to weaken our countries' economies, to impose their conditions, and to enter our markets to some extent. We condemn this approach," he said. Larijani acknowledged that Iran and Belarus have "very stable political and trade-economic relations," which have not changed for a long time, and it is important, in his view, to maintain the current interaction, taking into account the crises in Syria and Ukraine as countries neighboring them.

"Fortunately, our countries' positions on the international arena coincide in large part. The two parties are willing to broaden their cooperation," he said.

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