10 April 2014, 17:56

US supermarket urges Americans to abandon GMO, turn to organic food

US supermarket urges Americans to abandon GMO, turn to organic food

Walmart Stores Inc wants Americans to buy more organic food. The retailer said that it cut a deal to sell organic foods at non-organic prices. Walmart’s business partner, Wild Oats, a trusted provider of organic groceries, will unveil nearly 100 products covering a broad variety of categories from chicken broth to salsa and pasta sauce at affordable prices this month.

The retailer believes that this move will improve Walmart's grocery sales and promote the resurrected Wild Oats brand. A survey, conducted by Walmart, showed that 91 percent of its customers would purchase affordable organic products if they were offered.

"We know our customers are interested in purchasing organic products and, traditionally, those customers have had to pay more," said Jack Sinclair, executive vice president of grocery at Walmart US, quoted by the Baltimore Sun.

"We are changing that and creating a new price position for organic groceries that increases access. This is part of our ongoing effort to use our scale to deliver quality, affordable groceries to our customers," he added.

Initially, organic food sales didn't exceed 4 percent of total food sales in 2012, but growth in the category has been stable for years, buoyed by those preferring simpler food made from natural ingredients. Since many large food companies have not rushed to respond to the demands of health-conscious consumers, they have lost some market share to smaller organic food sellers.

"By partnering with Walmart, Wild Oats is starting a movement that makes it easier than ever for customers to access affordable organic and natural products," said Tom Casey, CEO of Wild Oats. "Our availability at Walmart will allow us to finally pass along scalable savings directly to consumers. We are reinvigorating our brand by bringing great tasting Wild Oats products to more customers than ever before."

According to the Organic Trade Association organic food sales, which reached $29.0 billion in 2012, are expected to continue rising.

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