4 April 2014, 15:35

Russian MP calls to close all McDonald's in Russia and then proceed to Pepsi

Russian MP calls to close all McDonald's in Russia and then proceed to Pepsi

Leader of the Liberal and Democratic Party of Russia, LDPR, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, wants all McDonald's fast food restaurants in Moscow and throughout Russia closed.

"McDonald's has closed its restaurants in the Crimea - this is very good. Now it needs to close all restaurants in Russia. I ordered the teams of municipal organizations of LDPR to put pickets in front of all McDonald's restaurants in Moscow and across the country. They should get out of the country ... as soon as possible," Zhirinovsky told reporters on Friday.

"We will close them across the country and then proceed to Pepsi," he said.

McDonalds in Crimea will be quickly replaced by other fastfood restaurants

Three McDonald's restaurants whose operation in Crimea has been suspended by the company did not play a significant role in the region's public catering system, Crimean Economic Development Minister Svetlana Verba said.

"There were only three restaurants: near the railway station in Simferopol, on the square near the central embankment in Yalta, and in Sevastopol. There is nothing horrible in that. Another structure will come in," Verba said in a phone interview with Interfax.

The company McDonald's Ukraine Ltd. (Kiev) reported on Thursday that the operation of its restaurants in Crimea had been temporarily suspended beginning on April 3 for reasons outside of the company's control.

Verba would not comment on the reasons for this decision and the probability that the restaurants will resume working, citing a lack of information.

"I only learned about it 15 minutes ago. We don't need businessmen who do not want to be friends with Crimea, those who do not understand the situation Crimea is in, and those who don't support us. We will have no problem finding those who can calmly develop this business, occupy this niche," Verba said.

The first McDonald's restaurant opened in Ukraine in 1997.

As of early April 2014, the McDonald's chain in Ukraine, including Crimea and Sevastopol, included 79 restaurants in 23 cities of Ukraine, which served some 400,000 visitors daily.

Before the reunion of Crimea and Russia, the largest McDonald's restaurant in Ukraine was located in Simferopol.

Mcdonald's suspends work in Crimea

McDonald's Ukraine Ldt. has suspended the work of three of its fast food restaurants located in Crimea since April 3. Operational factors which do not depend on the company have been cited as main reasons for suspension.

Restaurants situated in Simferopol, Sevastopol and Yalta have been temporarily shut down 'due to operational reasons', reads the message posted on the company's official web site. The company hopes their work will be resumed as soon as possible.

It has also been noted that the company has granted the opportunity to its employees to make a transfer to any other McDonald's restaurant in Ukraine with preservation of the current post, salary, tariffs. The company is also going to cover travel expenses of employees and their family members who decide to move to a new location and provide them with accommodation within three months at company's cost.

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