28 March 2014, 19:20

Russia to retaliate to West's expansion of sanctions over Ukraine - Moscow

Russia to retaliate to West's expansion of sanctions over Ukraine - Moscow

Expansion of West's sanctions list regarding Russia will not go unnoticed - Russian Foreign Ministry
Moscow says Western countries' expanding the list of individuals, regarding whom sanctions against Russia apply, will not go unnoticed.

"Naturally, such actions can not go without reaction," Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said. "Russia has taken a responsive measure, which we are mirroring to a large extent," he said.

Hungary against new economic sanctions on Russia

Hungary has come against new possible economic sanctions against Russia.

"The sanctions won’t meet the EU interests. Moreover, these measures affect our relations," Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Friday.

Hungary has imported about 70 percent of Russian natural gas. The countries have recently signed an agreement to provide up to 10 billion euro to build the Paks nuclear power plant.

The Paks nuclear plant is the first and only operating nuclear power station in Hungary. Soviet-made VVER reactors (Water-Water Power Reactor) generate over 40 persent of electricity.

Russia may slap sanctions on US businessmen

Russian State Duma and Federation Council members are considering the imposition of sanctions on US businesses. The Russian legislators feel that Russia should react to US moves against Russian entrepreneurs in a mirror-like way. But major foreign companies point out they are going to go ahead with their cooperation with the Russian Federation.

A Duma Deputy Vadim Dengin has told the Moscow-based Izvestia daily that the MPs have been increasingly often focused on retaliatory sanctions on the United States, specifically on measures to set limits to representative offices of business companies in Russia that are legal entities, owned by US nationals.

"If the US cares little about losing business contacts with Russia through imposing its sanctions, then Russia should have long since started supporting Russian producers in full", the Duma Deputy said.

A Member of the Duma Financial Market Committee, Boris Kashin, believes that imposition of sanctions on US businessmen is possible only if the US slaps these kinds of sanctions on Russian businessmen first. But Russia should think it over what foreign goods and/or services we could give up, the politician says.

"Russia cannot forgo all such goods, for instance, US-made computers. But if there is, for example, a Chinese-made analogue available, we could use it instead of US-made goods, if these are on the US sanctions list", Kashin said.

But US companies that have been cooperating with Russia look forward to further cooperation with this country. According to an official of the US Exxon Mobil oil and gas corporation, one should always make an impartial analysis of the situation first and then decide on whether sanctions should or should not be imposed.

He told the newspaper he hoped his company would manage to avoid political problems and they would be able to continue working in Russia.

Earlier, the US and the European Union slapped sanctions on some high-ranking Russian and Ukrainian politicians who they hold guilty of "Ukraine's territorial integrity disruption". These politicians have since been unable to travel abroad. The next-level sanctions may aim at blocking bank accounts.

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