26 March 2014, 17:34

Majority of Americans feel US shouldn't intervene in Ukraine crisis - poll

Majority of Americans feel US shouldn't intervene in Ukraine crisis - poll

Most Americans don't think the US is obliged to intervene in the recent annexation by Russia of the Ukrainian territory of Crimea. A majority of 61 percent of Americans do not think the US has a responsibility to do something about the situation between Russia and Ukraine, nearly twice as many as the 32 percent who think it does.

In polls taken over the past few weeks by a number of opinion survey and news organizations, the American people have sent a remarkably unified message to President Obama and the US Congress: "Stay out of Ukraine!"

Despite being peppered with a constant onslaught of dramatic news video footage from Kiev and the Crimea, as well as a visit to the Obama White House by Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk, and the usual stable of policy "experts" from the Brookings Institution and the Council on Foreign Relations advocating more "robust" US intervention, Americans across the political spectrum remain opposed to still another foreign venture.

Public opinion about US responsibility in Ukraine is similar to views about US responsibility in other international conflicts. Majorities of Americans did not think the US had a responsibility to intervene in Syria (68 percent), in the fighting and ethnic cleansing in Bosnia (65 percent) or in the mass killings in Rwanda (51 percent). In contrast, 54 percent of Americans believed the US did have a responsibility to intervene in Kosovo, a situation where the US began a bombing campaign against Serbian forces in cooperation with NATO.

Even the 29 percent of respondents that favored a “firm stand against Russia’s actions” did not, apparently, include a military option in that stance. Only 16 percent of Republicans, five percent of Democrats, and five percent of Independents said the United States should consider military options against Russia.

Most recently, a Rasmussen Reports poll reported on March 18 that 52 percent of Americans support diplomatic action against Russia over its actions in Crimea. Again, something as vague as “diplomatic action” can mean a lot of things to different people. The wording chosen for polling questions is, of course, very important, and the types of questions asked can be used to shape an opinion poll to achieve desired objectives.

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