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Understanding Ukraine: US supported fascists and terrorists in 35 countries

Understanding Ukraine: US supported fascists and terrorists in 35 countries

With recent events in Ukraine, it became obvious that the US government is supporting right-wing fascists, like Svoboda party in Ukraine. The party that with violent methods has managed to conduct the coup inside the country. This level of support is not new, history has shown various examples when the US has been standing for the fascism against the well-announced democracy. 

Nicolas J.S. Daviees has published a list of 35 countries all over the world that managed with the help of the US to violently change the regimes, put up dictators and develop the business for drug lords.

Among the countries in the list are France, Brazil, Afghanistan, Syria, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and many more.

The US helped Afghanistan to overthrow the socialist government back in the 1980s. For that the US has worked in cooperation with Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Straight after that with the help of the US the growth and distribution of opium has increased significantly, later in 1999 Taliban has cut the amount but with the invasion of the US back in 2001 the numbers came back.

In Chile, back in the 1970s the US has promised to help the country to maintain the economy. Eventually, US being the largest partner of Chile, has cut the trade off and the country was left at crossroads. With General Pinochet coming to power, the US has used their officials to work together with the US secret service while DINA intelligence agency has caught and tortured thousands of people.

Syria is the most recent and one of the most obvious examples of the US interference. Saudi Arabia long with the US is shipping weapons off to Syria's militants. Even with the Russia’s negotiations and peace talks in Geneva the situation failed to be resolved.

In Colombia the US Special Forces helped the authorities to track and kill famous drug lord Pablo Escobar, who was part of the Los Pepes group. Later in 1997 leader of Los Pepes have founded the AUC (United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia) who are responsible for various civilian deaths over the next ten years.

Among those countries, we can also mention arriving of the US troops in Korea in 1945, providing air support in Laos in 1950s, supporting Batista dictatorship in Cuba and so on and so forth.

The intervention of the US in the domestic policy of other countries and supporting leaders that oppose everything that one can put in the word democracy has given the world many examples of the false interference. It is hard to see how certain leaders can thus promote democracy in the world, which according to the US is the main goal of their country.

Voice of Russia, lankaweb.com

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