13 March 2014, 14:27

US media has not touched on the truth very often - peace activist

US media has not touched on the truth very often - peace activist

The crisis in Ukraine has captured global attention and is generating a wide spectrum of opinion on its causes and solutions. Newspapers, blogs and other media are publishing a variety of commentaries and editorials on what’s to be done and who’s to blame. The Voice of Russia talked to Robert Pershmann anti-fascist peace activist.

Are American media high biased in their coverage of events in Ukraine?

American media has not touched on the truth very often. They are completely missing the point.

Do major US new agencies filter information when it comes to the countries’ internal affairs?

Sometimes it is done intentionally, other times it is done just out of stupidity and sloppiness. It is not only an attempt to omit the truth, to control news – that is part of it. But in addition to that there is a large number of personnel who are not qualified to handle it. And my suggestion to Moscow is that there’s to be an attempt to reach out directly to the various newspapers and media outlets. It is possibly to communicate with them so easily these days.

Do you think the European media provide a one-sided picture of world events as well?

I don’t get much help from anyone. I get a little bit of information from BBC that is helpful to me. Sometimes I get some from France. But I work at it, I’ve been doing it for the past 30 years, so I’m a kind of an expert. My fellow Americans don’t have a clue, they don’t even take a moment to push a button to find out what Voice of Russia is or Russia Today is. They don’t know about it. And they forget that they can push the button and see it for themselves.

Do you think most Americans and Europeans are aware of the fact that they are not getting all the facts in the news?

Not, they are not aware of it. They don’t know it. They are blinded just like they were back in the 1980’es.

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