13 March 2014, 00:35

New Kiev authorities violate human rights - European observers

New Kiev authorities violate human rights - European observers

European observers present in Ukraine since the beginning of rioting note that the forces that seized power in Kiev violate human rights and that their actions would be found illegal in most countries of the European Union.

Mateusz Piskorski, member of the Polish Sejm of the fifth convocation, director of the European Centre of Geopolitical Analysis, told Itar-Tass that as to the rhetoric of the political forces dominating the Euromaidan, they call for obvious violation of fundamental human rights, mostly the rights of national minorities.

Piskorski said the centre had dispatched several groups of experts during protests on the Maidan. The experts had interviewed protesters and collected various materials, including leaflets, which, obviously, contained calls for interethnic strife, he noted.

Experts had received information that people belonging to national minorities, or instance, Hungarians, were not feeling secure presently, Piskorski said, He noted that anti-Semitic slogans had been heard on the Maidan.

He believes a wave of political repressions was observed in Ukraine of late, not only against representatives of the Party of Regions but also against other political parties and associations, for instance, against the Communist Party. “We have heard much about cases of physical violence against people in the opposition to the new political forces,” Piskorski said.

He is certain the main political forces responsible for rioting on the Maidan would be classed with neo-Nazi, neo-fascist forces “in a normal civilized European state.

Voice of Russia, TASS

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