10 March 2014, 09:35

Crimea leader offers Cabinet seats to members of Tatar minority

Crimea leader offers Cabinet seats to members of Tatar minority

The head of the breakaway Crimea’s Cabinet in Ukraine has offered the local ethnic minority of Tatars jobs in the autonomous republic’s government, including those of the Deputy Prime Minister, two ministerial seats and top offices in the rest of departments.

"We have come up with a proposal for them [Crimea Tatars] to take offices of Deputy Prime Minister and two other ministers, in addition to jobs in almost every other ministry, including law enforcement," said Chairman of the Crimean Cabinet Sergei Aksyonov. 

Crimea budget sufficient to finance referendum-speaker

Speaker of the Crimean legislature Vladimir Konstantinov said the Crimean budget has sufficient resources to finance the referendum on Crimea's status set for March 16.

"The estimate has been detailed and the funding will be provided," he told the press on Sunday. Exactly how much will be spent on the referendum will be determined on Monday, he said. A referendum will be held in Crimea and in Sevastopol on March 16.

The ballot papers will have a standard form, and the questions will be printed in the Russian, Ukrainian and Crimean-Tatar languages.

Crimean Sevastopol grants Russian language official status

The authority of the Crimea’s key port city Sevastopol has granted the Russian language the official status in the autonomous republic, meaning it can now be used in official documents. A decree to this effect was signed Monday by the acting administration chief Dmitry Belik.

The statement says that the status of the Russian language has been upgraded in accordance with international laws and with regard to the fact that it is the majority language in the city.

Crimea authority vows no hurdles for monitors at independence vote

The Crimean authority has vowed there will be no hurdles for international watchdogs who wish to monitor the upcoming referendum on the status of Ukraine’s breakaway republic on March 16, according to Crimea’s Cabinet Chairman Sergei Aksyonov.

"We will make this referendum as transparent as they come," he said. “There will be no access problems for monitors."

Earlier, the Crimean parliament endorsed the region’s accession to Russia and set a date for the general vote at March 16.

Voice of Russia, RIA, Interfax

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