2 March 2014, 12:39

US, EU 'pyromaniacs' surprised at fire they started in Ukraine – expert

US, EU 'pyromaniacs' surprised at fire they started in Ukraine – expert

The United States and European Union should have anticipated the consequences of their dubious decision to throw support behind the Ukrainian regime change, a French geopolitical analyst has told Russian media.

"What we are witnessing now is the easily predictable aftermath of the US and EU’s irresponsible decision to back the overthrow of a legally-elected Ukrainian president at the time when Russia was busy with the Sochi Olympic Games," Emerique Chopard said in an interview with Interfax.

"I have been warning about a possible escalation since the very beginning of the Ukrainian unrest, which was provoked by outside actors," he added.

The French analyst explained that Moscow would have never allowed the self-declared Ukrainian regime to intimidate the Russian-speaking population in Crimea and the east.

"Cabinet pyromaniacs [in Western countries], who wanted to play with fire without giving a second thought to the consequences of their decision to pit one part of Ukraine against the other, are of course upset over the arrival of Russian ‘firefighters,’" Chopard said.

"But it’s these pyromaniacs that will have to bear the brunt of colossal historic responsibility for leaving Ukraine a weaker state."

Emerique Chopard has called on international community to look for a way out of this crisis without the help from United States.

"All interested parties – Ukrainians, EU member states and Russia – should now think together of a peaceful solution to the crisis that would both conform to peoples’ wishes and helped preserve their identity," the expert emphasized.

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