28 February 2014, 13:29

Venezuela and Ukraine: testing fields for America's new war-fighting style

Venezuela and Ukraine: testing fields for America's new war-fighting style

After the illegal coup in Ukraine, the US is now applying its hybrid Color Revolution-Arab Spring regime change template to Venezuela. Washington is in full-fledged offensive mode, attacking non-Western states through the plausibly deniable weapon of thug rule, aided and abetted by American finance. What is happening in Venezuela is no different than what transpired in Ukraine, as both countries are victims of America's new style of unconventional aggression.

Venezuela and Ukraine have certain structural similarities. Both countries are involved in the energy trade, with the former being an exporter and the latter being an important transit state. The nations' leadership also narrowly achieved victory in the last election, demonstrating that there already exist elements within the country opposed to the legal government. Incidentally, both targeted nations are neighbors of close American military allies, Colombia and Poland. These regional partners already house American military infrastructure and these bases can be used to transmit signals and collect intelligence to aid the anti-government fighters. Having a close military ally near the battlefield allows the US to "Lead from Behind", defined as "discreet US military assistance with [others] doing the trumpeting." This was the case with Polish involvement in Ukraine and Turkish involvement in Syria, and it looks to be the same for Colombian interference in rival Venezuela. 

America's new pattern for regime change involves the employment of right-wing extremist violence in densely populated urban areas. In this sense, it is the invocation of urban guerrilla warfare against the targeted government. Ukraine was under attack by the Right Sector and Venezuela is repulsing an offensive by La Salida. These extreme groupings both use the same tactics, namely Molotov cocktails and small arms weaponry. They agitate in large crowds on the street and stir up mob-like disorder and chaos. 

Quoting Israel Shamir, "the US-orchestrated attack on the elected President (of Ukraine) followed (political activist) Gene Sharp's instructions to a tee". Shamir describes Sharp's steps towards regime change as follows:

1) seize a central square and organise a mass peaceful sit-in

2) speak endlessly of danger of violent dispersal

3) if the authorities do nothing, provoke bloodshed

4) yell bloody murder

5) the authority is horrified and stupefied and

6) removed and

7) new powers take over

Observers can recognize that the same strategy is being applied in Venezuela by the extreme-right. The Ukrainian and Venezuelan insurgents have also received copious amounts of cash from the US through "non-governmental" organizations. Victoria Nuland, the US Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasia, proudly bragged that $5 billion had been invested in Ukraine by the US ostensibly to promote democracy. The celebrated American proxy, Srdja Popovic, one of the founders of the anti-Milosevic American-funded Otpor!, has been linked to the training of the Venezuelan destabilizers. Working for Stratfor, the American intelligence company referred to as "the private CIA", Popovic even drafted a plan for overthrowing then-President Chavez back in 2010. Stratfor analyst Marco Papic, in speaking about Popovic's Venezuelan involvement in CANVAS, another Gene Sharp-inspired anti-government NGO, says, "If I remember correctly, we use hushmail communication to contact him regarding Venezuela due to the sensitivity of using a revolutionary NGO as a source considering we have clients who operate in country."

As is seen by the cases of Venezuela and Ukraine, Washington is privatizing the regime change business by contracting non-state actors and "non-governmental" organizations to carry out its subversive strategies against targeted states. Be it Venezuela or Ukraine, the methods are the same. It is important to note that some states have been proactive in trying to repel this fifth column invasion. Russia has recently passed legislation mandating that any NGO which receives funding from abroad and is involved in political activities must register as a foreign agent. Considering that America's new method of regime change is wreaking havoc in Ukraine and Venezuela, the new Russian law should work to proactively hinder likeminded revolutionary organizations from operating within the Russian Federation and endangering the lives of its citizens.

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