24 February 2014, 15:11

Draft bill banning Party of Regions initiated in Ukraine's parliament

Party of Regions, Ukraine

Party of Regions, Ukraine

Party of Regions, Ukraine

Ukrainian lawmaker Oleg Lyashko, who does not belong within any of the parliamentary factions, initiated the prohibition of Party of Regions and the Communist party. He said that at the Verkhovna Rada conciliation board on Monday.

"I've already registered the relevant resolution with the parliament," Lyashko stated. He added that "the Party of Regions together with their partners, the Communists, is to blame in the current developments in the country."

The parliament's speaker Alexander Turchinov "cooled Lyashko's ardor, saying that "the Constitution and the law on political parties are in vigor."

"As a democratic state, we should act in compliance with the law," Turchinov said.

Voice of Russia, TASS

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