14 February 2014, 11:29

Zapashny brothers offer to rescue giraffe named Marius from Danish zoo

Zapashny brothers offer to rescue giraffe named Marius from Danish zoo

Circus artists Edgard and Askold Zapashny are ready to buy with their own money a giraffe named Marius that is to be killed in a Danish zoo, RIA Novosti reports.

"I am fully aware that the Bolshoi Moscow Circus is not interested in saving the giraffe. I mean as a company, as we specialize in working with animals not in saving them. But my brother Askold and I decided that we are ready to buy the giraffe with our own money, transport it to Russia, provide it with lodging and manage it on the basis of the Bolshoi Moscow Circus. And in the future, I think, a number of Russian zoos will take the initiative and want to save this giraffe. That is, we are not trying to save the animal only for it to become our worker, the task is to save it," Edgard Zapashny said.

According to him, Friday morning, he and his brother are going to send official letters to the Danish zoo and the Embassy of Denmark in Russia with a request to assist in talks on rescuing the animal.

"We are ready to financially participate in the life of the giraffe. I know that the market price for these animals is up to $100 thousand, transportation from Denmark is €10-15 thousand. I guess it's not so much money to make it impossible to save the innocent animal," Zapashny added.

Earlier, the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, expressed a desire to take Marius to Chechnya. On Thursday, it became known, that in Denmark they were going to kill the second giraffe named Marius.

On Monday, eighteen-month-old Marius was killed in the zoo in the capital of Denmark in front of children. Thus, selectionists tried to prevent inbreeding - the cross-breeding of animals within one population.

Voice of Russia, Gazeta. ru

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