11 February 2014, 07:44

75% of americans want gov't to be more involved in food safety oversight - poll

75% of americans want gov't to be more involved in food safety oversight - poll

The results of a new Harris poll shows that 75% of americans want the government to be more involved in food safety oversight. The adults were surveyed online between January 15 and January 20, 2014. There were 2,236 American adults who were surveyed.

In the poll, women were more likely than men to indicate being both seriously and somewhat concerned about the food supply (77% vs. 69%). Women are also more likely to call for more government oversight.

Americans in low income households (under $35,000) are more likely than those in higher earning households (>$50,000) to describe food recalls as a serious concern. And Democrats are more likely than Republicans to characterize food recalls as serious concerns.

Seventy-three percent of those questioned said that there should be more government oversight of food safety. And older adults were more concerned about recalls. Ninety-two percent of Americans aged 68 and older are concerned about recalls. Those numbers decline to 83% for those under age 36.

At least 33% of survey respondents said that would never purchase a brand again if it had been recalled for health or safety concerns, even if was their usual brand. Most said they would temporarily switch to another brand before returning to the original.

When asked about who was responsible for health and food safety issues, 50% said manufacturers. About 19% blamed the government, 16% blamed farmers, 6% blamed consumers who want inexpensive food, 2% blamed restaurants, and 1% blame grocery stores. In addition, most think that the number of food health and safety issues that prompt recalls is about the same as in the past few years.

Voice of Russia, Sky Daily Chronicle

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