5 February 2014, 10:41

US: Inner terrorist attacks may engulf the country

US: Inner terrorist attacks may engulf the country

American officials are greatly concerned with a growing terror threat in the country. Despite the country's attempts to fight the terrorism in conflict regions of the world, the attacks continue not only all around the world, but in the US itself. 

Experts think that the US should stop their attempts to settle peace worldwide, as to any US action, the terrorists will reply by their fierce attacks.

After the tragedy of 9/11, the US began its military company in order to fight terrorism, especially its best known and most powerful spreader – al-Qaeda.

The US had managed to eliminate al-Qaeda's leader Osama bin-Laden, but terrorists reacted to the US actions.

Thus, since 9/11 attacks, there have been 43 cases of terrorist attacks in the USA.

Though only 3 of them were successful, concerns of the US policy makers and their law enforcing agencies (LEA) had grown by the fact that nearly all inner terrorist attacks were carried out by home-growing terrorists, inspired by the al-Qaeda ideology.

These people call themselves "lone-wolves." Their number has been growing since the decentralization of al-Qaeda, which moved its base from Afghanistan to the countries of North Africa and Asia, such as Iraq, Syria, etc.

And the main problem is that the groups of "lone-wolves" are very hard to be located.

The US should stop its undue intervention in the world's regional conflicts or it will continue to face the home-grown terrorism.

The fact is as follows – the more actions to regulate exterior conflicts the US undertakes, the more fierce reaction the country will get from terrorists.

Voice of Russia, eurasiareview.com

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