3 February 2014, 10:57

Ukraine president returns to work while opposition ready to take power

Ukraine president returns to work while opposition ready to take power

The Ukrainian opposition leaders claim that they are ready to take the power and rule the country, although some weeks ago they rejected Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovych offer to take the post of prime minister to opposition leader Arseniy Yatsenyuk and the position of deputy PM to Vitaly Klitschko. This shift shows contradictions within the Ukrainian opposition.

However, Mr. Yatsenyuk does not intend to include members of the Party of the Regions, which supports the incumbent government, into the new one.

If the new government is formed of people who are opposed to the current one, its first actions would be demonopolization of the country’s economy and reforms in the energy sphere, Arseny Yatsenyuk says. He believes that Ukraine should depend less on foreign oil and gas.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych is returning to work on Monday after four days of sick leave. The president’s site announced last Thursday that Yanukovych had to take the sick leave due an acute respiratory illness. "After having taken the needed treatment, Ukraine’s president is feeling well; his health is satisfactory," the statement said citing the government’s chief doctor.

Furthermore, police have detained a man suspected of burning cars in Kiev, Ukraine. "Police suspects participants in mass protests of setting cars on fire. There were promised 300 hryvni for each burnt car," the Ukrainian Interior Ministry reports on its website.

One of the automobiles that have been torched in Kiev over the past few days was owned by a relative of a judge who ordered to place protesters into custody.

The suspect was detained in the Vinogradar residential area in Kiev’s Podolsky district at around 1 pm, the report says.
"Two offenders attempted to run away when they saw policemen approaching them. One of them was detained. The young man had two plastic bottles containing inflammable mixture, pieces of cloth and a lighter," the report says.

The 26-year-old detainee confessed that he and his friend, who is now being searched for by police, had received a list with addresses and the plate numbers of the cars they were told to set on fire and had been promised 300 hryvni per each burnt car.

"The man said that he was a citizen of Georgia and that he had been in Ukraine for about two months, looking for a job. He had no passport or other papers. Police are trying to identify him and have asked the Georgian embassy in Ukraine for help," the ministry said.

Ukranian opposition pledges to cancel amnesty law at next parliamentary session

The parliamentary opposition plans to ensure the cancellation next week of the law on amnesty of the participants of the mass rallies, adopted by the Ukrainian MPs on January 29th .

“We’ll do our utmost in Parliament to achieve the reconsideration of the so-called amnesty law. It must be cancelled, and another one providing for the unconditional release of hostages should be adopted to replace the above-mentioned law,” the leader of the “Udar” Party Vitaly Klitschko said during an information meeting on the Independence Square in Kiev Sunday. The politician stressed the following: “ Had Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovych not arrived in the Verkhovnaya Rada ( Ukrainian Parliament), we would have been able to adopt a new law and also a constitutional act on the return of the 2004 Constitution’.

For his part, the leader of the “Batkivshchina” faction Arseniy Yatsenyuk came out in favour of the establishment of an international commission to conduct an investigation into the “crimes of the anti- people power”. The leader of the public movement, the Third Ukrainian Republic, Yuri Lutsenko said that what Ukraine needed is a complete power reset.

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