25 January 2014, 14:42

Heinrich Himmler's letters found in Israel

Heinrich Himmler's letters found in Israel

Hundreds of letters from one of the Third Reich's political leaders, Interior Minister, Heinrich Himmler, written to his wife Margarete, have been found in a private home in Israel.

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The news has been reported by the online version of the German newspaper Die Welt, which obtained the copies of the letters.

Himmler's biographers believe the letters may shed light on some developments of the Second World War, as well as relationships inside the power elite of Germany's NSDAP ruling party. Photos and scribbling pads with some notes by Nazi Germany's Reichsführer have also been found.

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The findings have since been moved to a private archive in Tel Aviv. An Israeli citizen had been in possession of them for decades. Just how he obtained the collection, of paramount importance to historians, has not been disclosed.

According to Die Welt, the letters found are of unmistakable historical value. German historian Michael Wildt points out that the Nazi leaders, who wielded major influence, including Adolf Hitler, left almost no private papers behind.

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Himmler's found letters to his wife will help build up a better idea of the SS Chief's personality and reveal more about his close associates and way of life.

Heinrich Himmler committed suicide on May 23rd 1945 by biting a hidden cyanide pill when he failed to escape from Germany after the war ended.

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