23 January 2014, 09:48

Ukrainian MP says NATO sniper could kill Kiev protester

Ukrainian MP says NATO sniper could kill Kiev protester

The recent events in Ukraine’s capital Kiev suggest that the protest is spinning out of opposition’s control, a lawmaker with the ruling Party of Regions has told local media.

According to Ukrainian officials, the violent rallies in Independence Square have already seen their first casualties, but "opposition leaders are still not willing to take responsibility."

Regions’ MP Evgeny Balitsky accused protesters of following "a bloody scenario that was enacted in Syria and elsewhere in the Arab world."

"During a police clampdown on a rally outside Valery Lobanovsky stadium, law enforcement officers found several canisters full of incendiary oil with liquid sodium in them that is not only inflammable but also highly volatile."

"It rules out the allegation that the protest action was spontaneous. It was a carefully planned operation that could have been carried out by saboteurs wearing civilian clothing,” Balitsky claimed.

The Ukrainian lawmaker suggested that one of the protest activists might have been gunned down by a NATO sniper commissioned by some radical wing of Ukrainian opposition.

Voice of Russia

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