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Kiev protests organized by EU and US - Politics First magazine editor

Kiev protests organized by EU and US - Politics First magazine editor

The editor of the Politics First British magazine, Marcus Papadopoulos, claims that protests in Kiev have been organized by the European Union and the United States.

According to Marcus Papadopoulos, Ukraine is by no means a competition between freedom and tyranny, as the West has been trying to present it. This is rather an attempt to isolate and weaken Russia by besieging it by a hostile government. The US and the European Union are trying to set up a sanitary cordon around the reviving Russia. US politicians are certainly perfectly aware of Ukraine's geostrategic importance in terms of its agricultural and industrial power, and its geographical location.

America "is to blame for" Kiev riots - demonstrators

Several thousand demonstrators surrounded the compound of the US Embassy in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, on Wednesday evening. According to the TSN television station, the action was organized by a recently established movement, Kievans for a Clean City, which insists that pro-European Union protesters' barricades in Kiev's central Khreshchatyk Street should be dismantled.

The movement's leader Ivan Protsenko brought a written message to the US Embassy, demanding that there should be no interference in Ukraine's domestic issues. He believes that a US-funded "color revolution" project is being implemented in Ukraine.

"America is to blame for all the events taking place in the center of the capital. Funding comes from there. It is necessary to put a stop to this. We are saying out loud for the whole world to hear: "Goodbye, America! America, there should be peace in Ukraine!," Protsenko said.

Russia outraged at foreign interference in Ukraine's internal affairs – Putin's aide

The Russian President's press secretary Dmitry Peskov says Kiev is capable of finding on its own the best solutions for bringing the situation back to normal in and restoring peace to Ukraine. Peskov said that the obvious external interference in the processes under way in Kiev are clearly deplorable and arouse Moscow's indignation.

"It's hard to comprehend why foreign ambassadors in Kiev should tell the Ukrainian authorities where these should withdraw their Interior Ministry troops and police from, what they should do next etc. In other words, we see these kinds of outside instructions as something altogether incomprehensible. Of course, we can’t approve of it and feel intense indignation about it," Peskov said in an interview with the Komsomolskaya Pravda daily. The interview has been posted on the daily's website.

According to Peskov, Moscow is certain that Ukraine's leaders are perfectly aware of what they should do. Ukraine is Russia's partner; Russian-Ukrainian cooperation is multifaceted, the two countries have large-scale and long-term cooperation. There is absolutely no way Russia and Ukraine can avoid being partners, the official said.

Dmitry Peskov further said that Moscow doesn't see it right to interfere in the internal affairs of fraternal Ukraine in any way. This is inadmissible, so Russia will never do that. Any decisions by Kiev are sovereign and made by Ukrainian leaders in the framework of democratic processes. So, we see any interference, any attempts to bring political pressure to bear through the use of political management instruments as inadmissible, the Russian President’s press secretary stressed.

Ukraine opposition threatens 'to take offensive' if gov't won't resign

Ukrainian opposition leaders have vowed to "go on the offensive", if the president does not respond to the demands in the wake of Wednesday’s talks not yielding any results. Meanwhile, rioters remain in central Kiev, causing unrest and damage.

"Tomorrow if the president does not respond ... then we will go on the offensive," said Vitaly Klitschko, one of the leaders, addressing the thousands of protesters on Independence Square, Maidan.

Following the three-hour long meeting with the President Victor Yanukovich, opposition leaders said there had been no positive response from the president to their demands, which include lifting the anti-riot laws, the government stepping down and an early ballot.

Yanukovich offered to "continue talks regarding the laws tomorrow," the opposition Fatherland party leader Arseny Yatsenuk said.

However, the opposition is still urging protesters not to leave the square, to defend it and also to prepare for a police offensive against them.

Thousands of protesters remain in Grushchevskovo Street, the scene of intensive confrontation with anti-government activists in the vicinity of the Ukrainian parliament building. Rioters continue to burn tires, smash up streets and erect barricades.

Throughout the evening, police have been holding their line, attempting to put out fires with water cannons. After four days of protests, the center of the Ukrainian capital continues to resemble a warzone, with smoke, barricades, and debris all around.

Ukraine gov't, opposition to have more talks - Kiev official

Ukraine's government and opposition are continuing negotiations in seeking an end to their current conflict and are tentatively planning the next round of talks for Thursday, the justice minister said on Wednesday.

"The negotiations are continuing, and the position of the authorities is a peaceful settlement of the conflict," Olena Lukash told Inter television.

"It's a pity that the opposition has refused to at least issue a statement condemning extremist and radical action in the center of the capital."

Extremists in Ukrainian opposition violate country's Constitution - Russian Deputy FM

Moscow thinks that extremists in the Ukrainian opposition violate the country's Constitution, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Karasin said on Wednesday.

"Naturally, we are watching the situation develop in brotherly Ukraine," Karasin said.

"The extremist part of the opposition is seriously violating the country's Constitution," Karasin said.

"What is happening can not be called a normal political process," the deputy minister said.

Outside forces interfering in Ukraine's internal affairs - Russian Deputy FM

The Ukrainian government is facing interference in the country's internal affairs, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin has said.

"The legitimate authorities in Ukraine are facing foreign interference in internal affairs," he said to Interfax on Wednesday.

He named certain public statements made in Europe and the United States as indications of such interference.

"A solution must be found that will permit taking the developments to the channel of normalcy," Karasin said.

Ukraine gov't expands list of smoke grenades, gas, flash-bang grenades

The Ukrainian government has expanded a list of special means that security forces can use in protecting public order by including hand held smoke grenades, Dreif-2gas grenades, and flash-bangs Zarya-2, Fakel-S, and Plamya-M, in line with a government directive posted on the government website on Wednesday.

Smoke grenades, classified as a means of support during special operations, were not on the list previously.

The abovementioned list included earlier 10 varieties of gas grenades and cartridges with gas grenades as active defense means, namely Cheryomukha-1, Cheryomukha-4, Cheryomukha-5, Cheryomukha-6, Cheryomukha-7, Cheryomukha-10, Cheryomukha-12, Siren-1, Siren-2, and Siren-3.

Flash-bang grenades and other devices are classified as a means of support during special operations in Ukraine.

Before the latest amendments, the list included two varieties of them.

Local council urges Ukraine president to fend off 'coup attempt'

The regional legislature of Odesa has urged Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych to take "immediate effective measures" to put an end to current violent mass riots that it claimed are a coup attempt.

Yanukovych enjoys "the confidence of the territorial communities of the region of Odesa," the Regional Council said in an appeal to the president.

The council states "its support for your actions to ensure public order, protect the rights of civilians, preserve our country and enlarge its power and prestige, and asks you to take immediate effective measures matching the character and scale of the threat to national interests," the appeal said.

The appeal was passed at a council session that was preceded by two rallies, one by supporters and one by adversaries of the Yanukovych government.

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