22 January 2014, 15:54

Security forces ousting protesters from Grushevsky Street in central Kiev

Security forces ousting protesters from Grushevsky Street in central Kiev

Members of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry's Berkut special task force ousted radical opposition activists from Grushevsky Street in the center of Kiev on Wednesday afternoon and lined up near Dnipro Hotel close to European Square.

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Berkut members are trying to enter the protest headquarters on Grushevsky Street. As the security forces were moving toward European Square, protesters were retreating toward Independence Square, leaving Grushevsky Street and the nearby hills.

Several protesters were detained in the process. Before this, opposition activists pelted the security forces with rocks and Molotov cocktails.

Berkut officers start offensive on radical opposition supporters in Kiev

The Interior Ministry’s special Berkut unit has assumed the offensive on the radical opposition supporters and pushed them back from the Grushevsky Street in the center of Kiev in the direction of the nearby European Square. Leading Ukrainian TV channels are conducting live broadcast of the events.

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The special unit is standing in a dense group protecting themselves with defensive shields. It has broken down two lines of barricades and continues to push the radicals aside. The participants of the clashes with the police are retreating, but continue to throw stones in the direction of the law enforcement units. At present, the Grushevsky Street is filled with riot police officers.

On Sunday, January 19, another popular assembly of the opposition in the centre of Kiev escalated into clashes between radical oppositionists and police officers. The radicals tried to break through a cordon of police officers guarding the order around the government district, and threw Molotov cocktails at riot policemen. Dozens of law enforcement officers were hospitalized.

Police disperse protesters with baton, tear gas as Kiev unrest continues - reports

Smoke is visible over barricades in the heart of the Ukrainian capital Kiev as riot police have moved in on the protest camp after the rally escalated into a clash between opposition activists and Ukraine’s special troops.

Protesters are reportedly pelting the baton-wielding police officers with stones and Molotov cocktails, while the latter are answering in kind with tear gas, flash grenades and rubber bullets.

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About two hundreds of protesters and police troops have been injured in violent standoffs as clashes continue.

Reporters say it is getting harder to breathe for all the smoke that’s going off burning car tires that the raving mob set alight underneath the Dinamo stadium.

Earlier today, the riot police managed to break up protesters’ ranks and started to dismantle makeshift barricades. And yet many protesters lingered in downtown Kiev and still refuse to leave the site.

Voice of Russia, Interfax, RIA, RT

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