20 January 2014, 10:52

Militants trained by Western security services involved in Kiev disturbances - ruling party

Vadym Kolesnichenko

Vadym Kolesnichenko

Vadym Kolesnichenko

Militants trained with financial support from Western security services are involved in the protests in downtown Kiev, Party of Regions deputy Vadym Kolesnichenko said.

"The so-called EuroMaidan has split into two: the people standing on Independence Square and militants on whose training the security services of Western countries have spent colossal sums of money. We realize that a gun, which hangs [on the wall] in the first act, has to fire in the third act," the party press service quoted Kolesnichenko as saying on Sunday night.

He said the Ukrainian opposition had discredited itself and its leaders were preparing a civil war and bloodshed in the center of Kiev.

"It is a task for the authorities to prevent that from happening, and it is a task of people to look into [the situation] and to realize finally that the opposition has used people as expendables, a bargaining chip in its narrow corporate and selfish interests," the politician said.

"Those we can see are not peaceful protesters. They are well trained and equipped gangs, who aim to transform this conflict into a civil confrontation and try to make the authorities use force," Kolesnichenko concluded.

Voice of Russia, Interfax

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