13 January 2014, 06:21

Shiveluch volcano ash falls on village in Kamchatka

Shiveluch volcano ash falls on village in Kamchatka

An eruption of a volcano called Shiveluch took place at the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia’s northeast on Sunday. Some part of the volcanic ash fell on the nearby village of Klyuchi.

The head of the local observatory that watches the activity of volcanoes, Yuri Demyanchuk, said in an interview with the ITAR-TASS news agency that the amount of the ash is so small that is doesn’t present any threat to the village’s residents.

He says that the volcano spat an 8-kms-high belch of ash. The eruption lasted for some 15 or 20 minutes. Two hours later, ash started to fall on Kluchi and fell for about another two hours.

“The largest part of the ash that the volcano spat fell to the east and southeast off the village,” the scientist says. “Only a very small part fell on the village itself. The layer of the ash in the village is very thin, not thicker than 0.5 millimeters.”

Voice of Russia, RIA

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