24 December 2013, 06:05

People in Iceland strike against road construction as it might harm elves

People in Iceland strike against road construction as it might harm elves

Iceland is known for giving voice to elves. Now elves along with advocates are bond together for a mutual project.

Their group, better known as "Friends of Lava" are striking against new road from the Alftanes peninsula. Hundreds of people went on the road in a protest to block the road from construction. The group exists for almost a year and they have finally achieved the result.

The local administration has released an official statement saying that "issues have been settled by delaying the construction project at a certain point while the elves living there have supposedly moved on." 

Ragnhildur Jonsdottir who is an elf friend and says she can communicate with them through telepathy announced that "it will be a terrible loss and damaging both for the elf world and for us humans" if the road is built. However, even people who do not have any contact with the elves are against the road construction for environmental reasons. 

Meanwhile, Scandinavian folklore is full of elves and trolls, and a lot of people in Iceland still believe that elves are part of their history, culture and do exists not only in children’s books.

According to the poll conducted by the University of Iceland over 60 percent believed that elves do exist.

A folklore professor at the University of Iceland said: 

"This is a land where your house can be destroyed by something you can't see (earthquakes), where the wind can knock you off your feet, where the smell of sulfur from your taps tells you there is invisible fire not far below your feet, where the northern lights make the sky the biggest television screen in the world, and where hot springs and glaciers 'talk'."

Voice of Russia, RT

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