19 December 2013, 17:04

Hundreds of armored vehicles spotted on train in Oregon

Hundreds of armored vehicles spotted on train in Oregon

In what is being called 'very unusual for this area', a military train has been spotted and videotaped as shared in the video below in Salem, Oregon. These are heavy duty tanks being transported, moving North to South, with no military installations in the area according to videographer.

Train with military vehicles in transport through Salem Oregon 12-15-13 about 3:30 pm. There are no military installations nearby. Traveling North to South. Very unusual for this area.


Military equipment and vehicle movements can be quite common in most instances. However, you can never be too sure.

Most recently a train loaded down with hundreds of military armored vehicles and medical units passed through the city, raising the eyebrows on some concerned citizens in the area.

“Is another country invading us?”, asked a little girl as another person in the vehicle filmed the passing of hundreds of military vehicles which were loaded onto a cargo train headed through the city.

“This is crazy my friends”, said the cameraman who posted the video at LiveLeak.

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