11 December 2013, 14:02

Ukrainian president meeting with US assistant secretary of state Victoria Nuland

Ukrainian president meeting with US assistant secretary of state Victoria Nuland

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych is meeting with US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland in Kiev.

Occupation on Kiev's Maidan continues. LIVE UPDATES

The presidential press service has not posted meeting details.

US Assistant Secretary of State Nuland arrives at opposition rally in Kiev

US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland arrived on Wednesday morning at Independence Square in Kiev. She began speaking with protesters rallying in support for Ukraine's integration with the European Union. Nuland is treating protesters with cookies, biscuits and bread from a big package.


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She is being accompanied by US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt.

Demonstrators are cheering Nuland with joyful shouts, some are chanting 'God bless you'. Nuland also approached Interior Forces troops deployed at the square and also offered them cookies, which the soldiers accepted silently.

US believes still possible to save Ukraine's European future, Yanukovych must lead way - Nuland

The United States believes it is possible to save Ukraine's "European future" and Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich must lead the way, Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland said on Wednesday. After talks with Yanukovich, she told reporters in Kiev: "We also made clear that we believe there is a way out for Ukraine and it is still possible to save Ukraine's European future, and that's what we want to see the president lead, and that's going to require immediate security steps."

What happened last night with protesters was absolutely impermissible in democratic society - Nuland to Yanukovych

US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland on Wednesday complained to Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich about actions against protesters that were "absolutely impermissible" in a democratic society. Nuland told reporters in Kiev that she had had "tough but realistic talks" with Yanukovich which lasted for more than two hours.

Overnight, riot police moved against demonstrators in Kiev in the authorities' biggest attempt yet to reclaim the streets after weeks of protests.

EU-Ukraine relations are about rapprochement, not membership – European Commission

In its relations with Ukraine, the European Union is ready to discuss rapprochement, but not membership, the European Commission’s official spokesman Olivier Bailly said on Wednesday.

Kiev metro closed over mass protests, 10 police officers injured while unblocking central streets

Entrances and exists of the Independence Square and Khreshchatyk metro stations in Kiev are closed and the stations are being used for transfer only, the Kiev metro website reports. "Entrances and exits of the Independence Square and Khreshchatyk metro stations are closed today, on December 11, 2013, because of mass events, and the stations are being used for transfer from one [metro] line to another," says the report posted on Wednesday morning.

In the previous days the authorities closed the Independence Square, Khreshchatyk and Teatralna metro stations in the center of Kiev because of the alleged bomb threats. All the bomb threats appeared to be false.

Ten police officers injured while unblocking Kiev central streets - ministry

Ten servicemen of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry Forces were injured by the protesters while unblocking the central streets of Kiev.

"As of 4 am we have information about the injuries of ten servicemen of the Interior Ministry Forces," the Ukrainian Interior Ministry's press service said.

The demonstrators "led by opposition deputies are resisting personnel of the State Emergency Service and utility workers who are enforcing the court order to unblock the center of the capital city," the report said.

The deputies and their assistants are hindering the traffic of utility vehicles with their cars parked to block the Kyiv central streets, the press service said.

"Armed confrontations between the protesters and the police go on. Police officers are being hit and their individual protection means (shields, protective helmets and others) are being snatched from them," the report said.

Some Kiev EuroMaidan demonstrators sustain injuries

Some of the protesters standing on Kiev's Independence Square have been injured. Their precise number is unknown, but several people have been taken to ambulance vehicles. Most approaches to the Kiev center were blocked early on Wednesday morning.

Traffic police posts were placed on Parkova Road, Klovsky Descent, Bessarabska Square, Pushkinska and Prorezna Streets and Tarasa Shevchenka Boulevard. Traffic police officers gave an informal advice not to go to the city center.

City authority clears barricades off Kiev's Institutskaya Street

Utility workers are dismantling a barricade on Institutskaya Street in downtown Kiev yet several hundred protesters are still blocking the street.

The dismantlement of the barricade started early in the morning; the utility workers are using an autogenous welding tool, an Interfax correspondent reports.

Protesters are standing on Institutskaya Street to block the possible movement of law enforcement forces towards Independence Square.

Barricades are standing in the opposition camp on the intersection of Khreshchatyk and Horodetsky Streets and along Horodetsky Street.

The Interior Ministry Forces are blocking the intersection of Institutskaya and Khreshchatyk Streets near the House of Trade Unions.

Protesters control the Kiev City Hall. There is a roadblock and metal fencing at the building's entrance.

Ukrainian police enter Independence Square occupied by protesters in Kiev

Ukrainian riot police reoccupied part of Independence Square in central Kiev on Wednesday. City cleaners are following closely behind police, clearing out barricades as officers remove protesters.

Special forces break barricades and demolish the tents, protesters depart without applying force.

About a dozen rescuers are cutting the wood construction of barricades with chainsaws.

Barricades in Independence Square down, protesters stand as living wall

Public utility workers have dismantled the second line of barricades in Independence Square near Institutskaya Street but protesters have formed a living wall and withstood several attacks of the Berkut special force units.

Berkut agents tried to break through the protesters' line wedgewise but the protesters cut them off. After the soldiers were sealed off the protesters formed a passage to give them a chance to return to their ranks.

Now the law enforcers have stopped their attempts to break through to the square. Public utility workers are loading the fragments of barricades onto trucks.

Ten policemen injured in Kiev, some protesters hurt and some detained

Ten law enforcers were injured in Independence Square in Kiev in the small hours of Wednesday, the Ukrainian Interior Ministry reports. There are also some injured protesters.

The exact number of those injured is unknown but several people were delivered to ambulance cars.

In central Kiev police officers detained several protesters who were resisting the law enforcers.

The police press-service reports that the offenders repeatedly used tear gas against policemen and threw smoke grenades. At the same time, law enforcers did not use impact munition against the protesters.

Law enforcers complete dismantling barricades in Kreshchatik Street

Public utility workers guarded by police are finishing to dismantle barricades in the middle of Independence Square and in Kreshchatik Street.

They have only dismantled the first line of barricades around the square.

The Kiev police explained earlier that law enforcers are only providing community services’ activities in clearing the roadway from tents and barricades.

Kiev police clearing roadway across Independence Square - official

Law enforcers in Independence Square are providing free passage for special-purpose vehicles and opportunity for utility workers’ activities in dismantling the barricades across Kreshchatik Street and Institutskaya Street, the Kiev police department reports.

The police department stresses that there are no plans to make protesters vacate the premises of the Trade Union House or the Kiev City Hall or to dismantle the tent camp. All activities going on in Independence Square and the streets around it are aimed at implementing the court decision on clearing the thoroughfares.

The police spokesperson added that policemen are taking pains to act with maximum civility.

Ukranian riot police storm protest camp in center of Kiev

Riot police storm protest camp in the center of Ukrainian capital. Several hundred people from special forces of Ukraine arrived at Kiev Independence Square. After that, the State Executive read a court decision to protesters about banning the mass protests in the city center.

Civil Service of Emergencies of Ukraine began to dismantle the barricades around the Independence Square in Kiev, clearing the way for Special Forces, reports RIA Novosti.

Ukrainian opposition earlier said that it expects to break up the protests on Kiev's Independence Square during the next few hours.

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