5 December 2013, 14:52

High driver seized in police chase after ‘dodging a UFO’

High driver seized in police chase after ‘dodging a UFO’

A truck driver who led Russian police on a high-speed chase along a cross-national motorway was seized Wednesday on the М1 road over a crazed punctured-tire ride across the lanes.

The Mercedes-Benz truck was spotted as it frantically changed the lanes on the busy Moscow-Minsk highway, sometimes skidding to the opposite lane, as if chasing someone or trying to get away.

The police ordered the driver to stop and mounted a pursuit after he ignored them. During the chase, the man reportedly tried to push the police car off the road, forcing the officers to fire at the wheels of the truck, before it finally squealed to a halt near the city of Smolensk.

The driver, a Belarusian citizen from the city of Mogilev, turned out to be high on the so-called “synthetic cannabis,” also known as Spice. A man in the passenger seat appeared to be intoxicated as well.

The driver claimed he had been trying to dodge a flying saucer. The two were brought to the nearby police office, where they confessed they had bought and consumed the drug, which is a herbal incense sprayed with synthetic chemicals, during their Moscow stay.

Voice of Russia, Gazeta.ru

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