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I resigned to avoid conflict - Bolshoi chief conductor

I resigned to avoid conflict - Bolshoi chief conductor

Music director and chief conductor, Vassily Sinaisky, has resigned from the Bolshoi theatre. His letter of resignation was accepted by the Bolshoi's director, Vladimir Urin. Speaking exclusively to the Voice of Russia, Sinaisky said that he "felt a gap" between him and Mr. Urin "more and more" and "didn’t want there to be a real conflict".

"You know, my comments will not be too long. I think that the Bolshoi Theatre is a great theatre. I love it very much and it is great for any who comes after. But there are very many people and the head team of the theatre should be in very good contact", Vassily Sinaisky said.

According to the conductor, he started his work in Bolshoi with another general director of the theatre, Anatoly Iksanov: "We did our job hand in hand, and I was absolutely happy."

"Now, the new general manager – Mr. Urin – is a completely different person. And of course, his four months have shown me that we have very-very different opinions about many-many musical things. He could organize the process, I hope so."

"But he wasn’t understandable for me in his actions concerning music, our future, repertoire and so on. I felt a gap between us more and more and I didn’t want there to be a real conflict. So, I decided to leave the theatre," Mr. Sinaisky explained.

The main conductor of Russia’s famous Bolshoi Theater, Vassily Sinaisky, tendered his resignation on Monday, the theater’s general director said, according to RIA Novosti. "I decided to grant his resignation after a conversation with him," Vladimir Urin said.

Mr. Urin did not elaborate on the reason for the resignation, but said it came two weeks before the expected first night of an opera in which Sinaisky was both the musical director and the conductor.

Bolshoi theatre's chief conductor Sinaisky quits

The music director and chief conductor of the Bolshoi theatre, Vassily Sinaisky, has quit, the theatre's spokeswoman said Sunday, the latest blow to befall the legendary theatre. Sinaisky presented his letter of resignation to the Bolshoi's director, Vladimir Urin, and it was accepted, spokeswoman Yekaterina Novikova told AFP.

The decision is effective immediately, she said.Sinaisky, who has been the Bolshoi's leading conductor since 2010, was due to conduct Verdi's opera "Don Carlos", which is premiering at the theatre in two weeks.

His resignation also comes on the eve of a verdict Tuesday in the trial of former Bolshoi ballet soloist Pavel Dmitrichenko, who is accused of masterminding an acid attack on Bolshoi ballet artistic director Sergei Filin, a scandal that rocked the ballet world and revealed frictions inside the theatre.

Sinaisky, 66, is originally from Russia's northern Komi republic, and had worked as chief conductor of the Latvian national symphony in the Soviet era.

Besides the Bolshoi, he is a principal conductor in the Malmo Symphony Orchestra and chief guest conductor with the BBC Philharmonic.Sinaisky's abrupt departure comes as a surprise.

Only recently he enthusiastically talked about the theatre's production plans, and in October, he conducted the premiere of Wagner's "The Flying Dutchman" to mostly positive reviews.

His name was also listed recently among the people in the running for the post of chief conductor of the Saint Petersburg Symphonic Orchestra.

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