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Rada speaker Rybak invites Ukrainian politicians to roundtable on Monday

Protests in Ukraine

Protests in Ukraine

Protests in Ukraine

Verkhovna Rada speaker Volodymyr Rybak has urged politicians to start talks and announced the convocation of a roundtable on Monday. "As the head of Verkhovna Rada I guarantee that such a roundtable will take place literally tomorrow and all sides to the process will have an opportunity to express their thoughts," he said on Inter TV channel Sunday night.

He expressed the conviction that people have the right to attend peaceful rallies and express their opinion.

"Nobody has the right to humiliate these people or beat them and what happened on Friday night is impossible for Ukraine and we will not support the authorities," he said.

Rybak said he met President Viktor Yanukovych who "is on the side of the people" who have a full right to assemble for actions and express their thoughts.

Ukrainian protesters to begin day with picketing of government building

The Ukrainian opposition has urged the protesters to launch a picketing of the government building on Monday. "We shall start the day with a picketing of the Cabinet (building). Our main political demand is for a government resignation. A resolution on no-confidence in the government is currently in the Verkhovna Rada," Arseny Yatsenyuk, head of the Batkivshchina (Fartherland) party's parliamentary faction, said in remarks in the Independence Square. He confirmed that a resignation of President Viktor Yanukovich is the principal goal of the opposition.

There are currently more than 10,000 people in the Indepndence Square. No militia is in sight. The opposition is finalizing the erection of a large stage at the site where such a stage was during the so-called Orange Revolution in 2004, and are busy pitching up a tent camp.

Meanwhile the Crimean parliament members have accused the Ukrainian opposition of violence and encroachments on the constitutional system, says a statement issued by the Presidium of the Crimean Supreme Council and circulated on Sunday.

"The events of the recent days in Kiev give rise to serious concern for the future of our country. The political and economic stability of the State, its territorial integrity and the very foundations of the constitutional system are in jeopardy," the statement emphasizes.

The Presidium's opinion is that "A handful of politicos seek to seize power in the country under the guise of struggle for the European vector of development.

Especial indignation of the Crimean parliamentarians "is aroused by the fact that the present Maidan (rally) has the same leaders as nine years ago".

"These poltical insolvents ally with neonazis from the Freedom party and they have switched over from peaceful demonstrations to violent actions - a mass unrest an seizure of state-run institutions,"the MPs added.

"The record of events in Kiev convinces one that those were planned in advance and organized in a streamlined manner. We all are witnessing yet another poliical spectacle, the directors of which are manipulating the consciousness of the masses," the statement says.

Injured protesters’ number in Kiev grows to 165

The number of injured protesters in Kiev has grown to 165, with 109 of them hospitalised, the Kiev City State Administration (KCSA) reports.

There were earlier reports of 112 injured people.

According to the KCSA, medicalcentres have enough facilities to take care of injured protesters. They are admitted to hospitals irrespective of their places of residence.

Thousands of opponents to the current Ukrainian government are holding meetings in the central parts of Kiev. Activists have captured the Trade Union House in Independence Square and the KCSA building nearby.

Discussion on Association Agreement between EU-Ukraine to be hosted next week in Brussels

A representative delegation will be held in Brussels next week. Among the tasks of the delegation is the discussion on the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, said the country's Foreign Minister Leonid Kozhara.

According to him, the parties will discuss the issue of gas prices, cooperation with financial international institutions, the decrease of the turnover between Ukraine and the EU, states RIA Novosti.

He did not specify in what format the negotiations will go. Earlier Kiev offered the trilateral consultations between Ukraine-EU-Russia. Last Friday Kiev didn’t sign an association agreement with the EU, which was previously expected both in Ukraine and in the EU.

Representatives of special forces "Berkut" dispersed Ukrainian supporters of European integration in the center of Kiev on early Saturday morning. During protests 35 people were detained, administrative reports were filed on them, now they are all released. According to doctors, 35 people were injured, seven of them are still in the hospital.

On Sunday in the central districts of Kiev a rally of opponents of the current government of Ukraine was held, which resulted with disturbances.

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