22 November 2013, 17:01

Russian authorities not interfering in criminal proceedings against Greenpeace activists – Putin

Russian authorities not interfering in criminal proceedings against Greenpeace activists – Putin

The Russian leadership does not interfere in the situation with the criminal prosecution of the Greenpeace activists after their action near the Prirazlomnaya oil platform, Russian President Vladimir Putin says.

"I’d like to assure you that the Russian political leadership has no desire to specially interfere in this process. There are certain legal procedures. We cannot interfere in the legal aspect of this case," Vladimir Putin said on Friday at a press conference following his meeting with Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Erdogan.

Putin believes Greenpeace's goals are noble but its methods wrong

President Vladimir Putin has said that the Greenpeace environmentalists' actions when they climbed up an oil platform in the Arctic threatened the lives of those who work there.

"When you have people climbing a platform and creating an emergency situation, this could have led to any number of mistakes. They are distracted from their current work. Above all, there were divers underwater and their lives were really endangered," Vladimir Putin said at the Russian literary meeting in Moscow on Thursday.

He noted that the ecologists had developed a special operation: "Some of them were climbing the platform, while others attacked our border guards; they were virtually attacking them on their boats pushing them off the platform".

"What is it? You know, there is such a formula and I think that this audience will understand me: achieving noble goals by any means possible is acceptable. Is this our method, Fedya? Do you remember? Fedya, it is not our method. One cannot either act or think that way. Not all noble goals can be achieved by any means," the President stressed.

In reference to the Greenpeace environmentalists, he said: "Are they doing noble work? Yes, it is noble. Did they do the right thing when they climbed the platform? No, it was wrong".

The President emphasized that the state should not be cruel but it must ensure that everyone complied with certain rules. Vladimir Putin also admitted that the state should be lenient.

Voice of Russia, Interfax

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