18 November 2013, 10:12

Boeing crash in Russia: shocking video revealed as authorities probe cause

Russian LifeNews agency obtained a security camera video which recorded the last seconds of the Boeing 737. Investigators said the possible causes of the accident were a technical malfunction or pilot error.

The president of the Russian republic of Tatarstan declared a day of mourning on Monday after a Boeing 737 passenger plane crashed in the capital, Kazan, over the weekend, killing all 50 people onboard. 

Flags are being flown at half-mast in Tatarstan as the republic mourns the victims of yesterday’s aircrash in Kazan. The local TV and radio broadcasters have been urged to cancel all entertainment programs.

Social networking websites are full of condolences posted by local residents.

People are bringing flowers to Kazan airport. Mourning services will be held in mosques throughout Russia.

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Voice of Russia listeners send their condolences in connection with the plane crash.

"I'm very sorry to hear about your loss," said Robert Manning from US in an e-mail to the VoR.

"My solidarity and condolences with the victims of the plane crash at Kazan," wrote Roberto Alvarez-Galloso.

Patty Edwards also sent condolences for yesterday's Kazan tragedy:

"May the victims' souls rest in peace, and may their families and loved ones be comforted".

According to Tatarstan’s Emergency Situations Service, 50 people, 44 passengers, including two children, and six crewmembers, were aboard the crashed airliner. The first victims have been identified.

"There are two girls, aged 11 and 15, among the victims," a spokesman for the company that operated the plane said. 

Dasha, the 11 year old girl who died in the crash:

Screenshot: twitter.com/AidaVolkonskaya

15 year old Alina also died in the plane crash. 

Screenshot: twitter.com/AidaVolkonskaya

The Head of the Privolzhsky District Transport Investigative Department, Alexander Poltinin, has said that  identifying victims of the Kazan plane crash may take several weeks because many fragments of their remains are relatively small and partially burned.

There are two foreign nationals among the fatalities, Irina Rossius, the official spokeswoman for the Emergency Situations Ministry, said on Tuesday.

"According to the latest reports, two foreign nationals, one woman from Britain and another from Ukraine, were aboard the crashed Boeing-737," she said.

Consulate officials are attempting to contact their families.

Those killed included Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov's son, Irek, and republican Federal Security Service department chief Lt. Gen. Alexander Antonov.

The head of the transportation department of the regional Investigation Committee, Alexander Poltinin, said the pilot had attempted to land twice before the crash.  The reasons for the aborted approaches are still unknown.

According to investigators, the main causes of the plane crash could be a technical fault or pilot error.

"The main possible explanations are pilot error or technical problems, including equipment failure," chief investigator for the Volga Region Transportation Department Alexander Poltinin.

"Investigators are looking into all circumstance of the crash. Separate instructions have been given to our Moscow colleagues. Complex laboratory tests of the plane’s technical liquids, including kerosene and lubricants, will be conducted."

Earlier, a spokesman for the Investigative Committee of Tatarstan said that all possible causes were being examined: weather conditions, pilot error, fuel quality and terrorism.

Photo: RIA

It still remains unclear why the airliner that was coming in to land at Kazan airport yesterday tried to fly a second circuit before landing, a senior local investigator, Alexander Poltinin, has told reporters.

He said the plane was landing but then the crew opted for a second circuit, adding that the crew contacted the control tower prior to landing, but provided no details.

He explained that the situation was complicated by the fact that the aircraft came straight down and exploded in a ball of fire. There were also other fire-beds that firefighters could not extinguish until the early hours of Monday morning, Poltinin said.

The plane lost altitude, hit the ground and caught fire while trying to land. Its fuel tanks exploded. The blaze was promptly extinguished. Tatarstan’s Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov and Interior Minister Artyom Khokhorin arrived at the scene of the tragedy. The Kazan airport will be closed until at least noon on Monday.

Aircraft debris is scattered over an area of about 10,000 square meters.

More than 300 rescuers were deployed at the scene. "The rescuers and psychologists are working round the clock." Stepanov said.

Relatives of the victims are being given psychological help, including through a special "hotline".

The hotline has received about 2,250 calls.

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The jet, a Tatarstan Airlines Boeing 737, from Moscow to Kazan with 44 passengers and six crew on board, crashed at about 7:30 pm local time (1530 GMT).

Crashed Kazan Boeing’s flight recorders found - IAC

Two "black boxes" have been found at the scene of Monday’s Boeing-737 crash in Kazan, Tatyana Anodina, head of the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC), said on Tuesday.

"Both the flight data and voiceover recorders have been found. It’s too early to say anything about their condition," she told the government emergency response commission.

The "black boxes" will be taken to Moscow for deciphering, Anokhina said.

Discovered flight recorders of Boeing crashing in Kazan are badly damaged - IAC

IAC experts have established that the second flight data recorder from the Boeing crashed in Kazan was badly damaged, the Committee’s website informs on Monday.

Earlier, the second black box was reported to have been found seriously damaged.

"The Interstate Aviation Committee’ s technical commission investigating into the crash of a Boeing 737-500 owned by Tatarstan Airlines informs that a flight recorder container has been discovered at the crash site. The container was seriously damaged," the statement says.

Flight recorders of Boing crashed in Kazan sent to Moscow for scrutiny

Flight recorders of the Boeing crashed in Kazan on Sunday were sent to Moscow for scrutiny, Russian Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations Vladimir Stepanov has stated.

According to the IAC, two discovered black boxes were damaged.

"The IAC’s technical commission, investigating the crash of a Boeing 737-500 owned by Tatarstan Airlines, has informed that a flight recorder container was discovered at the crash site. It was seriously damaged," a statement posted on the IAC’s official website says.

As a result of the Boeing crash 50 people were killed, including 44 passengers and six crew members.

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Fuel samples, documents, videos seized in Kazan plane crash inquiry

Samples of fuel used by the Boeing airliner that crashed in Kazan, have been taken as part of the investigative procedures, Russian Investigative Committee spokesman Vladimir Markin said.

"Detectives and forensic specialists from the Russian Investigative Committee are examining the crash scene, which has a rather vast area of 250,000 square meters. Fuel samples have been taken for verifying its quality," Markin said.

"Videos from airport cameras, which recorded the trajectory of the plane's fall, were also seized for detailed analysis," he said.
Documentation was seized from the Tatarstan airline at the departure airport (Domodedovo), the spokesman added.

Photo: RIA

Rosaviatsiya to check up on 'Tatarstan' air-carrier flight operation

The Rosaviatsiya Federal Air Transport Agency is setting up a commission to check on how the Tatarstanair-carrier’s flight operation was organized, according to an agency press release.

The release points out specifically that "the Interstate Aviation Committee and Rosaviatsiya have set up an ad-hoc commission to look into all the circumstances and causes of the disaster".

White House sends condolences to Russia in connection with plane crash

The US President's administration has expressed its condolences to relatives and friends of victims of the plane crash in Kazan.

A representative of the US National Security Council, Laura Lucas Magnuson, says that her colleagues are mourning the victims of the tragedy in Russia and are sending condolences to the victims' relatives and friends.

Monday, November 18, announced as day of mourning for Boeing 737 crash victims

Next Monday, November 18, has been declared a day of mourning in Tatarstan, an autonomous republic within Russia, in connection with the plane crash at the airport in Kazan, Tatarstan's capital.

Tatarstan's Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Kamaltynov, who heads  a response center convened after the the catastrophe, says that several minutes ago, Tatarstan's President signed a decree making November 18 a day of mourning.

Mr. Kamaltynov also says that doctors and psychologists are now working with relatives of people killed in the crash and a hospital in Kazan is ready to admit any relatives if necessary.

Photo: EPA

Putin tells govt to set up commission for investigating Boeing 737 jet crash in Kazan

"Putin expressed heart-felt condolences to the families and friends of those who died in the horrendous air accident," Peskov said

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has issued an instruction to the government to set up a commission for an urgent investigation into Sunday’s air accident at Kazan airport, which killed 50 people.

"Right upon getting a report on the air accident, Putin told the government to set up a commission for investigating the causes of the disaster," the presidential Press Secretary, Dmitry Peskov said.

Photo: EPA

"The President told the appropriate federal ministries and agencies to take emergency measures to assist with the search and rescue operation," he said.

A Boeing 737 jet belonging to the Tatarstan airline crashed at Kazan airport at 19:26 Moscow Standard Time Sunday while completing a flight from Moscow’s Domodedovo airport. In the process of landing, it lost altitude too quickly and hit the ground, which caused its fuel tanks to explode.

It had 50 passengers and six crewmembers aboard. All of them died.

Kazan Airport closed till 12.00 Monday due to a Boeing 737 crash; 50 dead

The Kazan Airport, where a Boeing 737-500 passenger plane belonging to a Tatarstan Company, crashed on impact on Sunday, November 17th, is closed until 23.00 a representative of the airport administration told RIA Novosti.

According to the preliminary information, all 50 people on board were killed in the air crash.

According to a source in a law enforcement agency, the 44 passengers who died probably included Lieutenant General Alexander Antonov of the FSB Federal Security Service.

He was among the people who checked in for the ill-fated flight.

Photo: EPA

The Kazan airport has only one runway and one taxi way, which are now closed.

All incoming planes are being currently redirected to other airports.

The pilots will decide where their planes will divert, the airport spokesperson said.

Investigators, personnel from the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry and medical services are currently working at the scene. Work is underway to find out the exact number of victims.

According to preliminary information, the weather conditions at Kazan Airport were acceptable for the Boeing 737 passenger plane, and other planes of its class to land, a representative of the Rosgidromet incident Centre told RIA Novosti.

He also said that at 19.30 Moscow time (the plane crashed at 19.25 Moscow time) cloud cover lay at an altitude of 210 metres, that there was precipitation, including snow and rain, with horizontal visibility at 5 kilometres. Wind speed was 8 metres per second, gusting to 11 metres per second and the temperature was 3 degrees celcius above zero.

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