14 November 2013, 15:10

Bolshoi calls into question Joy Womack's statements on extortion

Bolshoi calls into question Joy Womack's statements on extortion

Theatre critics and the Bolshoi Theatre ballet troupe are calling into question a series of statements on extortion made by the US ballet-dancer Joy Womack, who accused the administration of the Bolshoi Theatre of racketeering. In an interview that was released on Wednesday by one of the Russian newspapers the 18-year-old ballet-dancer and a graduate of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy, said that the Bolshoi administration had demanded cash for solos – 10,000 dollars for each solo performance.

The Bolshoi ballet troupe has disapproved of the interview given by the US ballerina, Joy Womack, who has left the Bolshoi Theatre and joined the Kremlyovsky Ballet Company. On her page in Facebook, Anna Rybetskaya, the Bolshoi ballet -dancer, said that Womack's mastership left much to be desired. Womack's dancing teacher in the Bolshoi Theatre Marina Kondratyeva said that the American ballerina had problems concerning her training. The repertoire is large, and great efforts are needed to dance it well, Kondratyeva added.

The well-known theatre critic Grigory Zaslavsky is also sure that what Joy Womack said was not true. "I have never heard about her while her compatriot, David Hallberg, is well known today. We know very well that the Americans never lose a chance to uphold the truth. I believe that if what the US ballet-dancer said was true, David Hallberg would have spread the rumour all over the world, Zaslavsky said, commenting on the situation to the "Vesti FM" radio.

A source in the Bolshoi Theatre which the "Moskovsky Komsomolets" newspaper calls an "authoritative worker, said that Joy Womack had made her way to the Bolshoi Theatre only thanks to her insistence because after her probationary period in the Moscow Academy of Choreography was over in 2012, the Bolshoi Theatre did not show any interest in her. " She is an average American. A corps dancer who has some prospects," the source said.

It also said that promotion in the Bolshoi Theatre for a 10,000 dollar bribe is impossible. This source is sure that as Joy Womack is an American, an attempt was made to swindle her out of her money.

For his part, the Bolshoi Director General Vladimir Urin said that the US ballet-dancer should defend her stand by juridical means and file a relevant application to the law-enforcement bodies. "Should all these facts be proved, all those who were involved will be punishable by law. In case of need the Bolshoi administration is ready to offer help to the investigators," he added.

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