12 November 2013, 11:41

Russian police rock Youtube: Red Army choir singing Get Lucky go viral

Russian police rock Youtube: Red Army choir singing Get Lucky go viral

Do you think that Russian police is good only at catching criminals? Hell, no. The Russian Police Choir, officially known as Academic Ensemble of Song and Dance of the Russian Army, recorded a video performance of Daft Punk's "Get Lucky." And it's as awesome as it sounds.

The video has received 1.8 million views since it was posted on YouTube on November 7, and shows an all-male choir wearing green police uniforms singing and dancing along to the summer hit song, Daft Punk's Get Lucky.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs said that the choir was rehearsing the song for a concert celebrating the Day of Police in the Kremlin, but the song was replaced by another piece for the concert on November 10.

It is not the first time Russia's army choir has covered a pop song. The ensemble shot to viral video fame in 2012 with their rendition of Adele's James Bond song, Skyfall. A seven man group delivered a rendition of the Oscar-winning theme on a breakfast television show on the city’s Channel 5.

Founded in 1928, Russia’s military choir is better known for military classics like, Katyusha, which tells the tale of a military wife yearning for her husband at the front, or such traditional Russian songs like Kalinka.

But the choir also has a proud tradition of stirring cover versions of popular songs. In the past they have covered Sweet Home Alabama and reworked Men at Work’s Land Down Under as a Russian folk song.

The army choir has toured internationally, and in recent years, they've been moving to more popular numbers, sung in English.

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