1 November 2013, 13:15

Prices on energy drives technology innovation - Dvorkovich

Prices on energy drives technology innovation - Dvorkovich

The global discussion platform - Open Innovations Forum - is dedicated to emerging technologies and furthering innovation prospects and collaboration worldwide. During his appearance on a second day of the Forum Arcady Dvorkovich, Russian Deputy Prime Minister spoke about technological and digital inequality in the world.

"Today, all across the world we are witnessing a complete technological reorganization of the global economy—a direct result of the rapid development of innovative processes. And we must move even further forward in this direction," Dvorkovich said. "Simple solutions are the most popular at the market, so we are welcoming such solutions," he added.


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"The Forum aims to continue to familiarize representatives of business, government, the scientific community and global and Russian society with the results of development of state-of-the-art technology and trends. Russia is ready and willing to do everything necessary so that those who possess money and those who possess innovative ideas can unite to work together for the creation and realization of new projects," he stressed, noted that "the prices on energy drives the technology innovation".

In the end of his speech Dvorkovich noted that robots now can play chess with a human!

Open Innovations Forum a success, technology spread in Russian regions - Dvorkovich

"The first day of the Open Innovations Forum is being held to a high standard with the participation of representatives of three countries – Russia, France and Finland. The discussion platform for youth is working actively. A number of the largest Russian innovative companies and our partners participating in the Forum prove that it is a success.

First of all, I would like to indicate the progress that was made in contrast to the previous Forum, especially in terms of introducing ideas put forward a year ago. Today we see that some of these ideas became reality. Tens or even hundreds and thousands of people and companies already use the results of projects we started a while back either with the assistance of the government or without it.

Secondly, we see that our foreign partners take more and more interest in the Forum which becomes truly international. And our innovative systems become truly open not only for Russian businesses but for our European, Asian and American partners.

Thirdly, we see a significant growth in activity among companies working not only in the capitals of scientific research but in many other Russian regions which weren’t involved in the process before. Tens of Russian regions take part in the Forum which demonstrates that we succeed in spreading the experience of traditional scientific centers throughout the country. Based on that, I believe we can expect the innovative sector to contribute to social development and economic growth".

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