1 November 2013, 16:50

'Russian investment should be first of all investment in the education system' - expert

'Russian investment should be first of all investment in the education system' - expert

In the framework of the "Open Innovations" Forum in Moscow, which presents new cutting edge technologies The Voice of Russia talked to Thomas Thygesen, Head of X-asset Strategies at SEB Merchant Banking.

Can you sum up the results of today's planar recession?

We discussed today a lot of aspects of manufacturing, of advance manufacturing. One in the morning, in the first part there were more single ideas and single technologies, specific technologies in specific areas which have potential in the future. And in the afternoon was the second part, there were more some points related to the general development of manufacturing in the global area, in the global economy.

Can you speak a little bit about MIT Technology Review presentation? What was it about? What was the research about?

Research is required for manufacturing in the future when we understand that manufacturing is a basic of the economies. And more and more we come to the conclusion that manufacturing is basic of having value. Then we have to do research for manufacturing but we have to do research in many fields, not only one specific sector like processes or materials. We have to look on manufacturing as a whole. This includes a lot of disciplines. So that we like to have more and more interdisciplinary research for manufacturing of the future.

What kinds of innovation technologies we will see in the future?

We will see a lot. The most important -the ongoing process of implementing what we call technical intelligence in products and technical intelligence in machines. This does mean that driving all the processes with lower energy consumption, with higher material efficiency: no loss, no emissions. This requires technical knowledge and implemented in the manufacturing systems.

What kinds of investments does Russia needs in your opinion?

Russian investment should be first of all investment in the education system, education for manufacturing, in the different areas for manufacturing including low-level skill because we need workers which are qualified and secondly for the management and thirdly for the engineers. This is a higher requirement, but we need a little bit more, we need even the cooperation between the universities and industry, strong cooperation. That is what we call application oriented research.

And your expectations of this Forum? Your ideas – if the Forum does right things?

Yes, the Forum is ok, the Forum has more holistic view on the future of technologies in a very broad spectrum. I'm coming more from the manufacturing side and for me it's just too short, we should deepen some topics. Some of them were at the table but not deep enough.

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